wellness professionals – Are you ready to earn what you deserve, in an authentic business that truly serves your clients, that doesn’t burn you out?


I’m Cassandra, Marketing Expert, Qualified Naturopath & Business Coach for Wellness Professionals … just like you!

You got into this industry to help people, to make a difference. But you’re struggling to make your business THRIVE.  Working harder just burnt you out.  Social media is overwhelming.  What the heck is a niche anyway?

It’s wearing you down, you’re losing the passion you once had. Am I right?

I was lucky! I came into naturopathy with marketing & business qualifications & long career behind me – 16 years in corporate marketing, advertising, promotions & business management.  I started my practice in 2013 & turned over six figures in only 2 years – while I was a solo parent with two toddlers.  Yep, it can be done!

I was blessed with the business skills & marketing prowess to make my business flourish – fast! That’s what I want to show you too, how you can create a business that serves YOU as well as your clients.

I want you to attain the abundance you deserve for sharing your authentic gifts with the world.  Let me show you how…

Cass xo




NO ONLINE PROGRAMS OR GROUP CONTENT! JUST 1:1 BUSINESS COACHING. book me when you need, 1 hour at a time…

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3 months 1:1 mentoring support 

it’s time to move your business forward & you want the benefit of someone who’s been there…


6 MONTHS 1:1 mentoring support 

The only 1:1 tailored program for natural health practitioners. set goals, create a plan, and excute it for 6 months ~ with me by your side.

Come join me!

I’m building a FREE online hub for success-ready wellness entrepreneurs – just like you!  Come on over….

Make an income,
while making an impact

There is nothing wrong with making a good living from helping people! Being in service to those who need you is admirable, but you also deserve to make a good income providing that service.

It's the resolution time of year, where we set all those great goals...and quickly break them lol!

Pop over to my blog for my convo on #motivation and why I believe it's a #myth .

Decisions are the secret ingredient!


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Today visitors. Haven’t seen these type of duck before ...

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2021 business planning is well underway! 🥳

I’ve been a naturopath since 2013. I’m also degree qualified in business & marketing, and prior to being a naturopath, I worked in corporate marketing & business management...

... my clients know my dirty little secret... I was once responsible for happy meal development at McDonalds! 🤷‍♀️😳 😂.

The experience was amazing, and really taught me the value in #businessplanning. I worked in corporate marketing for a range of big companies, for over 15 years actually...

The learnings I’ve taken from my ‘big business’ marketing days, have been so invaluable as a small business owner.

I’m also blessed to be able to support other small businesses too, I’ve been working as a small business mentor since 2009.

So this is my day today, getting my plans sorted and busting out how 2021 will take my business to the next level.

My aim this year is to take my services to more people, help & support more people and to really make an impact in people’s lives.

And this planning is where that big goal takes shape ...

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Crazy plant lady here 👍🪴👋 new cute planters for my plant shelves 💕

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Only $390 for 3 FULL MONTHS of naturopathic support

An extra special package for my EXISTING CLIENTS to help support your health goals in 2021.

A package of support spanning 3 full months, inclusive of consultations, live blood analysis, iridology and naturopathic support. You'll save 10% on the normal consultations prices, plus the added bonus of 10% off naturopathic supplements during your package!

Visit here to learn more https://p.bttr.to/3m9pIQz

T&C's on the booking page but note this package does not include a discount herbal medicines. Dates available to start from Jan 28th 2021.

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Too funny to not share!

My 14yr old text me this message yesterday ... at 6am!

🕷 🕷 🕷


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