Diagnostic Testing

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Diagnosis ~ The Key to Correct Treatment

Although not generally expected in natural health, diagnostic testing can be a helpful tool, allowing for accurate diagnosis.  I work in a professional, health focused manner, assessing your clinical signs and symptoms, and often diagnostic tests just further support the treatment plan we’re following.  For other testing, like food intolerance, these are results we can’t get on our own in a fast or easy way, so this testing is very beneficial.  Although I always recommend a complete consultation to get to the root of your health issues, there are some testing that is useful as a stand-alone or has results you can implement yourself. Therefore some of my tests are available for online purchase.  Please review the selection below,

Diagnostic Test Pricing

Food Sensitivity Test

Test 500 foods & products for sensitivities.  Find the culprits, remove them from your diet, and reap the health benefits.
$295 available online

Gluten Sensitivity Test

Test to see if you have the genes associated with celiac. Useful if you have IBS type symptoms.
$250 available online

Celiac Profile

Do you have IBS or IBS like symptoms? Undiagnosed celiac leads to increased risk of some cancers, so best to find out.
$170 available online

Vitamin D Profile

Low vitamin D is associated with immune issues, and is known as the “poster child” of multiple sclerosis.
$120 available online

Food Allergy Test

Assesses allergies to a number of common foods.  Do this test at home, or have it done in clinic.
$295 available online

Leaky Gut

Assesses your intestinal permeability.  If you have IBS, allergies or intolerances this test is worthwhile.
$160 available online

Adrenal Homones

Feel tired all day, but wide awake at bed time? You could have adrenal fatigue.
$250 (basic) avail online
$280 (comp) avail online

Lyme Disease

Yes, we can test for Lyme in Australia! We can also send samples overseas for testing, but the cost runs into the ‘thousands of dollars.
$290 available online


Metabolic disorder associated with behaviour issues, mental health effects & eating issues.  Common in autism.
$155 available online


A buzzword at the moment, but if you have the gene you really need to know. It has dangerous implications.
$155 available online

Female Hormones

A blood spot test to assess female hormone levels. Menopause? Irregular periods? Let’s check it out.

Lyme Co-Infections

Lyme is often accompanied with co-infections, particularly when chronic. Find out if you have co-infections.
$620 available online

How Does Online Testing Work?

Organising testing online is easy! Simply select the test you want to have done, add it to the shopping cart, check out and pay for it!  Health Haven will ship you the testing kit, complete with instructions.  Some you’ll do at home yourself (like urine tests), others you’ll have to pop in to your local pathology for a small blood sample. When your results are in you’ll receive them via email and / or hard copy. Some of our testing, like the Food Intolerance Test, include a 20min result consultation, where we discuss how to implement the results. 

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