Regularly detoxing is important to cleanse our system and promote optimum wellness. It seems toxins, chemicals & preservatives are in our foods, home products & environment, making it very difficult to avoid them altogether.  Detoxing is about assisting your body’s natural processes to help remove these toxic elements.  Here’s a few quick and easy options to support your body to detox:

  1. Salt Baths – epsom salts & therapeutic magnesium salts are very beneficial for detox.  Great for stress relief and relaxation, soaking in a salt bath also aids the elimination of toxins through our skin.  Epsom salts will help to draw out toxins, whilst the magnesium will be drawn into our skin & muscles where it’s needed.  Try  Health Blends have some great Bath Tea blends, that include essential oils & dried herbs to further support your health & wellness.
  2. Massage – a great and enjoyable way to help detox the body is to get a massage.  Lymphatic drainage is a great one, but any relaxation or remedial type massage will offer healing benefits.
  3. Exercise – doing some form of exercise daily will help to open the pores and sweat out toxins, while increasing circulation and the flow of lymph.  The lymphatic system relies on exercise to operate properly, as it doesn’t have a pump (like the heart pumps the circulatory system).  For weight management or weight loss, exercising for 40mins minimum, 3 times per week, is a great option. Drink plenty of water to help support the kidneys to eliminate waste products.
  4. Sauna – taking a sauna is a great way to detox, promoting sweating & the elimination of toxic waste through the skin. It also increases the heart rate.  Stay in the sauna no longer than half an hour, and drink plenty of water (or coconut water) before and after.
  5. Diet – clean eating and even some fasting, gives your body a break to repair organs & regenerate.  For a period of time remove all processed foods, sugars, carbohydrates and bad fats, and instead focus on quality vegetables, lean meats, vegan protein & fruit.  If it doesn’t grow from the ground or graze on it, don’t eat it. Support your system during this phase with supplements to support organ function & repair, and a great herbal Detox Tea.

Health Haven offers some comprehensive & effective detox programs.  Book a consultation and let our naturopath help you work out a detox plan that’s right for you.