Wired but tired? Can’t sleep but can’t stay awake? It’s all too common, and seems to be something many people struggle with. It’s a question that’s popped up frequently in recent consults, so here’s a few tips (maybe somewhat unconventional) that can help:

  1. Routine, Routine, Routine – the body is a rhythmic beast, it likes consistency.  Aim to go to bed at the same time each night, and get up at the same time every morning.  If you’re still tired resist the urge to sleep in, it’s better to keep the routine, get up and start your day and maybe have a little nap later.  Be sure to nap though, not sleep, and not too late int the day or that can impact on your night.  A nap is 20-30mins…anything longer is sleeping.
  2. Sleep Hygiene – put away the screens!  Those ipads, iphones, computers and other devices with bright back light screens do no favours for our sleep.  It’s so bright, it’s confusing to the brain and can upset the regulation of our sleep hormones.  Put away the devices and screens at least an hour before bed, and find a way to relax ready for a good nights sleep.
  3. Force yourself to worry – no I’m not kidding! If you struggle to sleep due to a busy mind, then set aside 10-20mins earlier in the day and think through all the things that keep you awake at night.  Have a book & pen handy & write them all down.  Out of your head, onto the page, and out of your bedtime.
  4. Steer clear of the hot bath or shower – raising your body temperature will actually keep you awake, so avoid a hot shower / bath close to bedtime.  Cooling down your room, sleeping with a fan or window open, can help too.
  5. Eat Supper – so often lately I’ve noticed clients unable to get to sleep or stay asleep, that aren’t eating enough before bed. The body needs protein and good fats to assist with quality sleep. So try eating a little supper a couple of hours after dinner or an hour or so before bed.  Foods like fruit with yogurt, a handful of nuts, rice cakes with hummus & avocado, are all great choices.
  6. Set the Scene – we sleep best in a darkened room, that’s well ventilated and a little cooler.  Set your room up for good sleep, and if pets impact on your sleep, try putting them in another room so you’re not disturbed.
  7. Launch out of bed – if you struggle to get up in the morning, set your wake-up time and stick to it. When the alarm goes off count in your head from 5 to 1, then GET UP.  Laying around in bed will make you feel more tired. It’s always best to score more shut-eye by going to bed earlier, rather than sleeping in the next day.

If you’re struggling with sleep there is a lot of help naturopathically we can offer.  We have a wide range of herbs and supplements at our disposal that can help support you getting a good nights sleep.  Why not chat to us about how we can help you with sleep.  Check out our consultations options and book in with us today!  In the meantime, why not try our very own blend of sleep inducing herbal tea, Sleep Well, from our naturopath’s own brand, Health Blends.

Wishing you all a sound nights sleep!

Naturopath – Cass