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From the relaxing rural location of Tallai on the Gold Coast.



Based in Tallai on the Gold Coast, I offer in-person consultations Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 6pm.

Initial Consultation is a comprehensive 90min appointment that includes a full health history; iridology, live blood analysis & diagnostics; & development of a unique treatment plan for your health situation.
$265 – Initial / New Client 90min Consultation

Follow Up Consultations are 30min or 45min duration and allow us to review your health for improvements & adjust the treatment plan.  Live blood is performed every 12weeks.
$145 – Follow Up / Existing Client 45min Consultation
$115 – Follow Up / Existing Client 30min Consultation



For anyone outside of the Gold Coast, or for locals who need added convenience, I offer Telehealth / Online Consults.  I offer telehealth Tuesday to Friday, between 10am and 6pm.  These consultations run the same as in-person, with the added convenience of you being at home or work, and having medicines delivered by courier to your door!

 Initial Consultation is a comprehensive 90min appointment that includes a full health history; iridology & diagnostics; & development of a unique treatment plan for your health situation.  (Telehealth does not include Live Blood Analysis).

Follow Up Consultations are 30min or 45min duration
and allows us to review your health for improvements & adjust the treatment plan.  

Pricing is as per in-clinic consultations.


What’s in a consult?

Every consultation includes a full health history, a comprehensive discussion of your symptoms & health goals.  I develop a unique treatment plan to address your health concerns, that we change as needed during your treatment.  Your treatment plan or naturopathic prescription will generally include herbal medicines, supplements, dietary advice and lifestyle recommendations.  I dispense herbal medicines custom made on site and keep a wide range of supplements also.  Should I not have what we need for condition we use practitioner dispensing, with supplements couriered direct to your door.

Live Blood Screening

Live blood screening is included with Initial Comprehensive Consultations.  We take a little finger prick of blood & view it on a dark field microscope.  It’s the way we can see, in real time, your health on a cellular level. Live blood analysis is performed every 8-12 weeks to monitor improvements.  Live blood analysis is only possible in face to face consults.


Iridology is using the iris to reveal areas of the body that need support. Iridology is an interesting tool that, if used properly, can add insights into the consultation in a number of areas. However iridology is not used for diagnosis of conditions. I can perform iridology in face to face & telehealth / distance consults.

Herbal Medicines

A great benefit of seeing a naturopath is accessing a unique treatment protocol and custom-blended herbal medicines.  I love the versitility of herbal medicines & use them with most clients.  It’s cost affective too, being able to blend up to 7 herbs in one bottle reduces the need for supplements!

Your Questions Answered

Which consultation type do I chose?

Initial Consultations are for any New Clients or clients I haven’t seen in consult for 12 months.  

Follow Up Consultations are only for Existing clients that I am currently seeing.

All consultations are offered either face to face or via phone, telehealth or zoom.  When booking simply select the option you prefer by ticking the box “consultation type”.  Should you need to change consultation type, just email me at, it’s an easy change! 

what is telehealth & who can use it?

Telehealth is a convenient option where we hold our consultation via phone, zoom or the telehealth video conference platform (just like skype or zoom).  It’s a fantastic option that can be selected by ANYONE – you don’t have to live far away from me to use it!  Many of my local clients do a combination of face-to-face and telehealth appointments, generally coming in to see me every few months for live blood screening, and having telehealth other months.

Telehealth does not allow for live blood screening, however I can perform all other diagnosis elements (iridology, tongue/nail/face signs).  Telehealth appointments receive their naturopathic prescription via email or in the booking portal, with supplements/medicines couriered to their door. For Initial Consultations there is no additional shipping fee for this service.


HOw often do I need to see you?

Well that really depends on your condition.  Most clients see me for a minimum of three months, but as I work predominately with chronic health issues, receiving treatment for 6-12 months is not uncommon.  During that time we start with an Initial Consultation, followed by your first Follow Up in two weeks so we can check things are moving in the right direction.  After this we consult every 4-6 weeks for the first few months, moving to 3 monthly, 6 monthly then annual check ups, as your health improves.

Every person is different and healing takes a varied amount of time. I will move as swiftly as we are able to.


What does it cost?

The cost of my consultations is detailed above.  There is also a cost for any herbal medicines or supplements I may need to prescribe.  This is hard to quote on, as it differs for every person.  However my guiding principle in clinic is to treat the primary presenting issue, provide a maximum of 4 herbal medicines/supplements at any one time (less whenever possible!), and to always work to your budget.

Are you qualified & insured?

Yes I am!  It’s difficult I know, finding the right person to trust with your health. That is why you can rest assured that I am a fully qualified naturopath, registered with CMA (Complementary Medicine Association) as a full practicing member. My practitioner code is CMA1682 and I invite you to call them to confirm my qualifications & registration. They are on 1800 11 77 66 or 07 5580 5990. 

I started practicing in 2014 and hold an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, which also includes Herbal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition & Iridology. I have also done additional training over the years in Natural Management of Chronic Illness, Autism Mastermind Training, Nutritional Therapy for Chronic Illness and more – I’m always learning something!  I have current & up to date First Aid and CPR certifications.  I also hold a Bachelor of Business/Marketing and qualifications in Training and Assessment, that allow me to train naturopathic students through their clinic hours.

I have current practice insurance and personal indemnity insurance with AON Service Insurance Australia Limited, ABN 17 000 434 720 AFSL no. 241141 (Aon).

So you can rest assured you are in the hands of a qualified, insured and experience naturopathic practitioner!

Do you offer discounts for multiple family members?

No sorry I don’t.  I give every client the same amount of quality time and consultation.

tell me about Live blood screening/analysis?

Live blood screening or live blood analysis is a diagnostic tool I use in my consultations.  We take a finger prick of blood and look at the sample through a dark field microscope. We assess the sample for a number of things, including the number of white cells (immune) and red blood cells, we can see anaemic cells, evidence of b vitamin deficiencies, liver stress, inflammation, candida, leaky gut, even some pathogens like bacteria & parasites. 

 I perform live blood screening in all face to face Initial Comprehensive Consultations (unless my client requests that I don’t).  I redo live blood screening every 8 to 12 weeks, this requires a 45min consultation and costs $59 on top of the consultation cost.  Generally waiting about 12 weeks allows us to see changes in the blood, as it takes about 120days for a red blood cell to die off & be regenerated in a healthier format.

I do not offer Live Blood Screening as a stand alone service, only as part of my consultations.

tell me about iridology?

In my clinic I have a quality iriscope and perform diagnostic iridology (iridology for the purpose of gaining greater information about your health condition).  The iris is the ONLY location we can see the nervous system & body in action (think about how your pupil changes in the light), so it makes sense that certain things can be visible in the iris.  I perform this in every Initial Consultation (unless my client declines) and I may revisit the iris at some, or every, follow up (based upon what I’m looking to assess in that consultation).

I will be upfront and tell you that there are iridologists out there claiming to see all sorts of things in the eye – from what your grandfather died of; to food allergies; to diagnosing cancer!  Let me be completely upfront, these are things that CANNOT be gleaned from the iris.  Yes, I can see things like gut function, inflammation, nervous system stress, immune system issues and more, all in your eye.  But there are many things that aren’t in the iris and I NEVER claim to diagnose any condition using the tool.  I use the tool purely to add another layer to the information I am gathering to understand your health condition & make a plan forward.

CAn I get products between consultations?

Yes you can. I offer dispensing of herbal medicine & supplements via courier. I can also set you up in what we call “Practitioner Dispensing” which is an online natural medicine dispensing service. I place your naturopathic prescription with them, allowing you to purchase as you need.

Please do note, there are limits to what I can prescribe between appointments.  Should you condition have changed I am not permitted to rescript previous items.  I also cannot sell you anything I haven’t prescribed.  Additionally by regulation, I must have held consultation with you in approximately the last 12 weeks to be able to rescript naturopathic prescription products (this is not possible should your condition have gotten worse).

HOw do I pay?

You have the option to pay for your consultation at the time of booking, which confirms your appointment. Should you need to reschedule, we simply move your payment to your new appointment time.  

Payment for herbal medicines & supplements is required at your consultation for dispensing. I have eftpos on site and can accept credit card, debit card, apple pay.  I cannot accept Amex or Diners.  I can also accept Pay ID and Osko on the spot payments.

For rescripts orders between appointments, you will receive an invoice via email that you can pay online. Once payment is received, your products will ship.


is there support in between consultations?

Yes! When you become a client of mine I am here to help you every step of the way! I don’t like to bug you, so if you need me between consults, you can contact me via email or using the message function on the booking portal (Practice Better, where you booked your consultation).  You are also welcome to call an leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please note I am not able to answer the phone when in consultation.

Between consultations I am able to answer questions about your treatment plan & prescription. I cannot answer questions pertaining to a worsening of your condition, a new symptoms or diagnosis, or severe changes in your ailments (I am legally required to consult with you prior to offering advice on new conditions or new symptoms).  Please also be aware that I can’t give health advice to or about any person that I have not seen in consultation

(yes, people do ask me about their neighbours kid with gastro; their fathers sore shoulder or their work colleagues cancer diagnosis!  As much as I would love to help, I can’t offer advice to anyone who isn’t a current client of mine, for legal, regulatory & ethical reasons). 

Where are you located

Health Haven has previously operated from Nerang and Oxenford clinic locations (I apologise if you got the wrong location from google maps!).  Due to the business changes brought about by 2020 I made the decision to move the clinic back to it’s roots, as a home based service. So you’ll find me at a lovely residential address in Tallai, approximately 10min west of Robina Town Centre, not far past Mudgeeraba Showgrounds., 36 Uplands Court, Tallai QLD 4213.

PARKING: There is ample parking, please feel free to park in the driveway and take a seat at the front waiting area, just past the Budda statue, I’ll come greet you for your consultation.

WAITING AREA: I have an undercover waiting area where you can relax and listen to the birds while you wait for your consultation. There is generally very little wait time, as I run on time and have time buffers between clients for your convenience. Should I be running late, rest assured it is for a good reason and to help someone who really needs it (who knows, one day that might be you too).


How do you know you can help me?
Because I’ve been there, I’ve been you…

That’s right, I came to naturopathy to heal myself from chronic illness. I was sick, really, really sick.  Digestive illness and chronic EBV had taken over my life.  I’m better now, I can help you too! Book yourself a consultation and let’s get you on the path back to wellness!

Naturopath ~ Cassandra xo