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Naturopathic Appointments

A Naturopathic Consultation is a comprehensive review of your health concerns, symptoms and health goals.  Using a combination of natural herbal medicines, therapeutic grade supplements, diet & lifestyle advice, and life coaching, I create a treatment protocol for your condition.

metabolic balance

Metabolic Balance is a weight loss program like no other! Starting with blood tests, we identify the foods that suit your body, allowing you to lose weight, reduce inflammation, reset your metabolism and regain your vitality.  You are fully supported for the 12 week program, with Naturopath Cassandra Duffill as your personal health coach.  I offer Metabolic Balance as a 1:1 individual program (in-person and via telehealth) & as a group program.

Gut Recovery~ Signature Program

Gut Recovery is the signature program of Naturopath Cassandra Duffill.  Cass has recovered herself and many clients from severe IBS.  This program was crafted so you no longer need to struggle with gut dysfunction and IBS – anyone Australia wide can assess this effective healing protocol.  Learn why your gut is giving you grief, discover your food triggers. and heal your gut.  Includes 10 weeks of online learning, 2 consults with Cass, food intolerance testing, online modules & more!

Gut RESet DIY Online ~ signature program

Gut Reset is the DIY Online version of my signature gut healing program.  Realising that not everyone wants 1:1 support or consultations, I crafted this DIY version of my effective GUT RECOVERY program. This program takes you through why your gut is giving you grief, how to determine your food triggers & learn the gut healing protocol that work for Cass and so many of her clients.

Food intolerance test

This test is the GAME CHANGER in my clinic for gut health issues, skin conditions, eczema, auto immune & inflammatory conditions, kids with health issues, and more! A small hair sample is all we need to test your compatibility for over 500 foods & products! Order online, test kits posted Australia wide; or order during your consult.

optimize immunity & wellbeing Test

A hair sample is used to generate this comprehensive 40 page report, covering key health categories including immunity, gut health, cardiovascular health, environmental load (bacteria, parasites, EMF, fugus etc), minerals & vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and more.  The report provides you a guideline for a 90 day diet that will improve your wellbeing and vitality.  Order the test online or in your consultation.  Health Haven owns the testing equipment & performs each test on site.

Webinars & Workshops

In 2021 I am releasing a range of webinars & workshops, all designed to help you gain a greater level of wellbeing.  Visit the Webinars & Workshops page for a full list of what is coming up and secure your place!  My well-anticipated “Life In Reset” series is launching in July 2021 – it’s about finding yourself, starting over & following your passion.  And for practitioners, Boutique Herbal Manufacturing launches in May 2021.

speaking events

Cassandra Duffill is a fully qualified Naturopath, Metabolic Balance certified practitioner & Business & Marketing Coach. Prior to becoming a naturopath she spent over 12years in corporate marketing & business management, for dynamic companies like McDonald’s head office, Melbourne Airport, Vodafone & Columbia Tristar Films.  For the past 10 years she has also supported small businesses as a Business & Marketing Coach, industries including health, education, retail & customer service.

Cassandra speaks at a variety of events, with a particular passion for those focused on business success; female entrepreneurship; pivoting in a crisis; monetising your business; marketing in a digital marketplace & building a business in alignment with your values & life purpose.  Email to book Cass for your event!

How do you know you can help me? 
Because I’ve been there – I’ve been you…

That’s right, I came to naturopathy to heal myself from chronic illness. I was sick, really sick.  Digestive illness and chronic EBV had taken over my life.  I suffered from toxic mould illness and pelvic mesh injury. I really was a sponge for poor health!  Guess what? I’m better now, I can help you too! 

Not only did I recover from chronic illness – I did so as a single parent of two little cherubs. You see, in 2014 my marriage ended abruptly, and I had to start life over.  With only $12 to my name I started Health Haven, and here I am today running a flourishing business!   

So whether it’s health concerns, weight issues or you need a business mentor who’s really been there ~ I can help you! 

Naturopath ~ Cassandra Duffill xo

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Even though I've been helping clients recover from gut issues for over 8 years now, I still get such happiness from their health improvements!
When a client can say "MY GUT IS THE BEST IT'S EVER BEEN", after how sick they were when you started working with them, you can't help but feel a gush of happiness!
This is why I do what I do... so I can help people like this 😍💕 So grateful I can share health and healing xx
Naturopath ~ Cass

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Immunity is on our minds this morning. Thanks to my clients who've called and emailed asking about how I can help you.

I've put together a little blog post of simple things you can do to support your immune system, including nutrients that are helpful, herbs that I use - and my Pantry Immune Tea (that's right, you'll have all you need right there at home in the pantry!).

Here's a few other ways I can help you right now:

🌻 I've reopened my Acute Immune Support Consultations - only $50 for a 20min phone consult & I can prescribe naturopathic practitioner only supps & herbal medicine (that I will courier to your home for free!).

🌻 Immune Support Packs - my immune support packs are back; they have a Custom Herbal Medicine 200ml or 500ml, Immune Support Supplement & medicinal herbal tea blend. I can also add other supplements as needed, like vitamin C, zinc or vit D.

🌻 Immune Herbs for Kids - I'm ready to go with a new batch of my kids immune herbs! Kids love my blend, it tastes great AND it works!

🌻 New Herbal Teas - I have my URTI Tea, Cold & Flu Tea & Fever Tea for Kids ready to go 🤩 Batched up freshly when ordered, delivered straight to your door.

Reach out should you need anything via a PM or email me at

Stay well my friends

Naturopath ~ Cass xo

** please note that herbs, supplements & prescription products are available only via consultation. My teas & tea packs are available to order with or without a consultation.

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Thank you to all my gorgeous clients, friends and family who wished us well for our wedding last week! It’s hard to believe after all the planning and waiting, it’s done and dusted, a week ago already!

I’m pleased to say we had a magic day with perfect weather, couldn’t have asked for more 💕

@paul_duffill and I are so grateful for your kindness and well wishes. Thanks to all the suppliers and venue for making our day magic 💫🥂

And I look forward to coming back to consults next week. I’m back to work from Tues 23rd March 😊🙏

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Spent yesterday doing the online modules, today I’m off to first aid training refresher. Just what you want to do the week you get married lol

Did you guys know naturopaths have to do this every year? I did have a client go into a diabetic hypo once during a consult, but apart from that, I’ve luckily never needed the training...

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Afternoon pick me up! Oat milk chai pudding. Healthy and sooo yummy! Great for breakfast, a batch lasts me 3 days, I just too with a different fruit to serve 🍉🍇🥝

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Happy International Women’s Day 💕🙏

Thank you to the strong, empowered women in my life. May we all continue to walk through this world letting our light shine 🌟

And on the days when we aren’t so strong, thank you for holding one another up. 🙏


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Reminder ~ Health Haven is closed from tomorrow for the next two weeks... because next Saturday I’ll be getting married 💕.

An amazing man I get to call my husband, and a gorgeous venue to host our wedding. We are so blessed 🙏

I’m back to consults March 22nd and won’t be contactable, as I’m taking a ‘real’ break.

Thank you all for you kind wishes, calls and thoughtful gifts and flowers this week. It means so much to us 🙏

See you in a couple of weeks x
Naturopath Cass 🌸

@paul_duffill @austinvilla_estate
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Two industry guns in one image!


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So lucky to have the amazing Claire sharing with us tonight, live from Melbourne.


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