Did you know that 1 in 5 Aussies have gut issues? And that it’s actually twice as common in women too?!
Clients tell me all the time how debilitating their gut issues are – it stops them living life to the fullest. Many also tell me how alone they feel, as their friends and family often don’t regard their gut health issues as a “real illness”.
I always say, if you had a broken leg, your family and friends would jump up to help you! Having gut issues is no different, except the “broken bit” is on the inside….no one can see it, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less broken.  But it does mean we can struggle with lack of support or understanding from those close to us.
My clients deal with a wide range of symptoms that can severely impact their daily lives. From pain and bloating, to horrendous cramps that leave them floored, to nausea and headaches. Many clients struggle to leave the house – or the bathroom for that matter!
That is why I focus so heavily on “gut-stuff” in my clinic.  It’s crucial to living a good life.
Do you have gut problems too?   I see you….
You have a REAL and DEBILITATING illness…
Reach out for 1:1 personalised help by booking a consultation, face to face or via telehealth. You don’t need to be local to get the help you need.
Let me help x
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