Recovery from chronic illness like IBS and autism is actually possible, using naturopathy – my boys and I are living proof! Reviewing my website and blog, I realize that I haven’t updated my personal story in quite a while, so here you go….


This year, 2019, I have a 10 year old and a 13 year old. I’m still a single mum, running Health Haven & balancing all that brings.

About the kids health…

Mr 13 is in high school, in a Business Excellence Program, achieving report cards full of A’s. He is really enjoying school, is social with a great group of friends and loves to write very detailed stories of dragons and magic. This is the child who suffered a vaccine reaction at 7 days old, had fits for the next 18mths and this is the baby that nurses at the Child Health Clinic said would never feed himself…!

Mr 10 is doing well primary school and although he still has some sensory issues & receives a little help with reading, he’s no longer on the autism spectrum. His eating has improved dramatically from the 4 “white foods” he lived on for so long – his current favorites are roast chicken and steak (for a child that previously couldn’t stand the smell of meat, this is a huge achievement!). He’s got an amazing group of buddies, is so good with technology & computers, and is a cheeky little delight! This is the child that Child Health Clinic said wouldn’t live to see his first birthday!

About my health…

As for me, you’ll see me in clinic (or cruising around the local shops & Helensvale Westfield – be sure to say “hi”!) and I’m happy to share my story so ask my anything! My digestive health is good these days, a far cry from the horrid experiences of my 20’s that lead me to be a naturopath in the first place. I’ve learnt that life has more challenges in store, as I do have a pelvic mesh implant (more in the blog on that) which is causing some issues that herbal medicines & supplements are keeping at bay for now ~ and I’m grateful that it’s teaching me SO MUCH that I’m using to help other women in this situation! You’ll find info on my blog about the pelvic mesh implant, the huge range of symptoms & chronic immune issues it causes.

Natural Medicine really can help you too….

Believe me, recovery from a chronic illness like IBS or autism using naturopathy takes experience, skill and knowledge. Many practitioners made my IBS worse in the early years, and when my children developed autism, I found no one with the ability to help us. That’s when my journey into natural medicine began and today it’s an every-evolving and wonderful adventure of learning!

Thanks for reading my update for this year, I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. If you’d like to ask questions about my health journey please feel free to email me through the website. If you’d like help with your own help you might like to make a booking to consult with me, which you can do here.

Thanks for reading x0

Naturopath ~ Cass