GI Map Testing & Consult Package

$650.00 GST inc

I know you’re here looking for the answer for your grumpy gut – I get it, because I’ve been there.  IBS is now in my past, I look forward to helping you say the same!  I’ve paired the BEST microbiome test on the market with two naturopathic consultations, so you can be on the path to wellness.  After all, what good are results, without the expertise to interpret and utilise them?

This package includes:

1 x comprehensive GI Map microbiome test
1 x Initial Naturopathic Consultation (via telehealth, Australia wide)
1 x Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation (via telehealth, Australia wide)

GI Map is the ONLY test I trust for gut health & microbiome mapping.  Delivered to naturopaths by an Australian company, their results are an eye-opening insight into your gut health.  The package includes 2 naturopathic consultations, so we can set you on the path to good gut health.  What is the point of getting results, if you don’t know the right way to utilise them for your best health outcomes?


  • GI Map Test kit – posted Australia wide, direct to your home
  • Initial Consultation (telehealth) – a deep dive into your health & symptoms, to craft a treatment protocol for you.
  • Follow Up Consultation (telehealth) – a review consult once results are received to ensure you’re on the right track

*We do include recommendations for a healing naturopathic protocol during your appointment.  It is your choice if you'd like a generic plan (meaning a broad recommendation such as "probiotics" that you can fulfil yourself); or if you'd like the INCLUDED naturopathic protocol that will include recommended products (by brand name specifically. These are practitioner only products we can dispense to you if you require).


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