Food Compatibility Test

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The Game Changer in health conditions! This test assesses over 500 foods & products against your own body, to see which are compatible with your system and which aren’t.  You could be eating seemingly healthy foods everyday, that just don’t agree with your body on a biochemical level.  Do you struggle with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis? Gut issues like IBS, leaky gut or irregular motions? Do you have kids who have immune issues, constantly get sick with colds or complain of tummy aches? How about hayfever, sinus and rhinitis?  Any condition that can benefit from reduced inflammation, can benefit from this test.

Order today, we ship Australia wide free of charge. Results come in only about 10 working days.

Purchase the Compatibility Hair Test - with FREE telehealth consult to review results!

We ship this test kit for free, Australia wide.

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