Food Bio-Compatibility Test

$295.00 inc GST

Bio-Compatibility Food Intolerance Testing: Test 500 foods, beverages & household products to determine your sensitivities.  Non-invasive, based on a small hair sample, this test is very suitable for children and infants.  Don’t suffer your symptoms any longer! One simple test will unlock the key to your good health!


The Bio-Compatibility Test (also known as a food intolerance test, food sensitivity test, or incorrectly as a food allergy test) is a simple a non-invasive test, requiring only a small sample of hair. The Bio-Compatibility Test accurately measures over 500 different foods, beverages, nutritional supplements and personal hygiene products to determine which ones are not compatible with your body, and may be contributing to underlying health issue(s). The Bio-Compatibility Test may help determine food intolerance’s or food sensitivities. Being hair based it is non invasive and easy to implement, and therefore extremely suitable for children or infants.

The Bio-Compatibility / Food Intolerance Test Kit Contains:
– instructions
– sample bag for hair sample
– reply paid bag to return test to us for processing

Simply follow the comprehensive instructions on how to take the hair sample and use the reply paid post bag to return the sample to us.  Upon receipt of your results we will forward you a comprehensive report detailing the results, and an action plan of how to implement the results.

Test Options – we offer two test options, Australian List and Baby List.  Additionally we can offer you a retest in 6months for the reduced rate of $197.

An incompatibility to foods  is linked to many health issues, and the worsening of health issues, such as:
Allergies     Hayfever    Sinus    Digestive   IBS   Bloating    Flatulence    Skin Conditions    Headaches    Insomnia    Fatigue   Joint Aches/Muscle Aches    Learning Difficulties    Spectrum Disorders    Autism    Sensory Processing Disorder    Chronic Fatigue     General Malaise

What Items Are Tested in The Food Intolerance Test – view the complete list

For More Information: Please refer to our Diagnostic Test page – Bio-Compatibility Test


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