Pricing & Services

Health Haven takes pride in the quality service we offer to all our valued clients.

We help both adults & children at our family friendly clinic

New Clients

Your first appointment is an Initial Consultation.  Choose from our Standard Initial or our Comprehensive Initial with live blood analysis & iridology.

Standard Initial 60min – $165
Includes clinical case taking but does not include live blood or iridology.

Comprehensive Initial 90min – $245
The addition of live blood analysis & iridology ontop of our Standard Initial Consultation.

Kids Initial 45-60min – $125
Initial Consult for kids which “may” include iridology, child dependant.  Live blood analysis is not available for kids.

Existing Clients

Subsequent appointments are called Follow-Up Consultations. These appointments vary in length, select the appropriate one for you.

Standard Follow Up 45min – $98
Includes iridology review & live blood review performed every 8-12 weeks.

Short Follow Up 30min – $78
Our basic follow up, does not include iridology or live blood analysis due to time constraints.

Comprehensive Follow Up 60min – $129
Need more time, expereienced setbacks, or want extended live blood or iridology review? This is the appointment for you!

Kids Follow Up – $78
Generally 30min duration, we may perform iridology review, child dependant.

Specialised Services

We offer a range of testing & services in addition to consultations. For example:

Food Intolerance Testing – $287

Metabolic Balance 1:1- $1450

Metabolic Balance Group – $995

HTMA  – $185

Pyrroles Testing – $135

A wide range of other functional pathology is available by request, including general health blood tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do you have?

We have eftpos onsite with credit & debit cards accepted (sorry not Amex or Diners). We also accept cash and ZipPay.

How long until I feel better?

This varies for every person. Our aim is to relieve your main symptoms to help you feel better, while working on the cause. Most people feel some improvement in the first 4-6 weeks, with greater improvement in 3-6 months.

Will I have to buy medicines?

Yes, most treatment prescriptions involve natural medicines. Our naturopath believes in prescribing the absolute essentials & will fit your budget. Please discuss this with us.

Can I book myself and my child / spouse in the same appointment?

You are welcome to book appointments back to back, so you can all come at the same time. However we do not see multiple people in the one consult, there just isn’t enough time.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer 10% discount for pensioners & students (please present your card). Children’s consults are cheaper than adults.  We charge based on time & consult as time efficiently as possible.

Can I provide health history / details before my appointment?

Yes! You will receive a Client Intake Form on the booking email, please complete this with as much detail as possible.  You can also upload files, such as blood tests, or email them directly to us.