Herbal Dispensary ~ Prescription-only Products

Prescription Only – Herbal Medicines, custom blended liquids

Here you will find Herbal Medicines.  We offer 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes, custom blended based upon your last prescription. We also offer 50ml & 100ml with a dropper which can be convenient for kids dosages. Kids herbals are blended with our propitiatory base syrup to enable compliance and can be blended in any size bottle.  Taken at full prescription (15ml per day) you will go through approximately 100ml per week, please consider this when ordering sizes.

To order these products you need to have a current prescription– either as a client of Health Haven or from your own practitioner/doctor.  Should you not be a Health Haven client you will be required to upload your prescription before we can fulfil your order.  Health Haven clients can select “attach later” and we will look up your script. 

Please only order products on your prescription, we will not be able to supply products you have not been prescribed by us, or by another practitioner. Payment for your order is through the online shopping cart, using PayPal, credit card, debit card or Zip Pay.  We no longer accept direct debit/bank deposit.  Currently we are  dispensing is via post or you can collect Tuesday 3-5pm or Thursday 3-5pm.