Did you know that we are the first generation in history that is over-fed but actually under nourished???

We have access to plenty of food…problem is many of the choices can processed, filled with chemicals and additives, possibly GMO…the list goes on.  Even if we choose healthy options our fruit and veg can be grown in fields devoid of nutrients (due to over-farming); our meat is raised on grain based feed full of hormones, chemicals and antibiotics, instead of pasture raised as nature intended.  So even though we have plenty of food choices, they lack nutrients. 

You can’t expect your car to run well on bad quality fuel – the body is no different.  Our bodies are a complex machine that relies on a complex set of nutrients. Ever wondered why you eat but don’t feel full? Why you crave certain things? Why you get such an energy slump in the afternoon?  Nutrition is the key!

Why not book a consultation, we can discuss your health concerns in relation to your diet and lifestyle and make a plan to get your health back on track.

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