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Health Haven Naturopathy offers a range of evidence based natural health solutions. Our range includes an online apothecary with a range of herbal medicine tinctures & supplements; herbal teas from our naturopath’s own brand Health Blends; natural hand-made nut free balms, creams & remedies; and a small range of hand selected aromatherapy oils & topical health solutions.  You can also order some of our testing options online, testing kits posted to you for convenient in-home testing.  Please browse our categories.

Herbal Medicine

Liquid Herbal Tinctures

Useful for a wide variety of health conditions.  Choose from pre-created blends or a custom herbal tincture made just for you! Our IBS & Calm Down blends are very popular.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Testing for food intolerances, toxicity, hormones, adrenal fatigue. HTMA, blood & saliva.  No need to visit the clinic, order online & test kits are posted.

Herbal Teas

Boutique Herbal Blends

Health Blends, our own brand, created onsite in micro batches.  A variety of teas to address a range of common health complaints for adults & children.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Bach Flower essences created by our naturopath. Choose from pre-created blends or select your own inclusions. Perfect for healing emotional issues and supporting physical healing.

Creams & Balms

Natural Solutions

Our unique blends, all natural and most nut-free.  Natural alternatives to Vicks, Pressure Point Balm & Skin Soothe are all popular choices.


Aromatherapy Items

We keep a small range of aromatherapy items, including boutique blends in massage oils, pressure point blends & roller balls, like our Headache Relief & Sinus Eze pocket packs.

Kids Products

Kids Health Ranges

Specialising in kids health gives us a unique range of products suitable for children’s health issues.  Autism, gut health and immune are important ranges.



From our popular teaware, to aromatherapy diffusers and natural dry bristle brushes.  An assortment of health related accessories.  Grab our ever popular UniMugs here!

Kits & Packs

Kits, Packs & Deals

Herbal medicines for a variety of conditions.  Choose from pre-created blends or a custom herbal tinctures made just for you!  (Some require naturopathic script).

Health Packages

Health Packages

Offers in this category change regularly.  You’ll find our GIT Supplement pack, a bulk buy discount on consultation, and testing offers, in this area.

Consult Packages

Consultation Packs

We love to make your health affordable! Consult packages, prepaid consultations & special offers, aimed at saving you money.  Save 10% when you pre-pay consultations.

Custom Orders

Custom Order Items

Need a specialty item created?  Herbal medicine, herbal tea, flower essences – all custom created for you.   Teas, herbal mixtures, bath blends, balms, creams, soaks and more!

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Important Information:

Some products require a consultation, or an online consultation form completed, before they can be dispensed. If this is the case, you will see this information on the product details. Information & products on our site are not meant to substitute for health advice or treatment. We recommend you consult with your preferred health practitioner prior to starting any new health regime or products. If you'd like to discuss your individual health issues, please take advantage of our FREE 10min phone chat or book a full consultation - you can book these using our online bookings system.

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