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Providing the nutrients your body needs to heal

Let’s talk nutrition! You wouldn’t put poor quality, dirty fuel in your car – so why do you put it in your body? Life is busy and stressful, many people opt for convenience foods – full of GMO’s, processed ingredients, chemicals, additives, colourings, sugar and processed fats.  These are poor quality building blocks that the body then has to use to repair your cells, create enzymes & metobolic reactions, and to heal itself.  Nutrition and the proper diet is key to reversing the disease process and healing your body.

Let’s Talk Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

To assess your nutritional intake and deficiencies, we take a fully detailed history including your symptoms and normal daily food intake. This allows for assessment of issues.


Supplementation is a short term solution, used to reverse nutritional deficiences.  Using supplements we rebuild your body’s nutrient stores, whilst using diet modifications to maintain nutrient intake.

Diet Modification

Through assessment of your average daily diet, we find the areas where your intake is nutritionally lacking. From this our naturopath will recommend changes to help you live a healthier lifestyle.


Sometimes the cause of nutrient deficiencies isn’t just our intake of foods, it’s an inability to absorb the nutrients. Food intolerances, allergies, digestive illness and more, can affect your ability to absorb nutrients.

Clinical Nutrition is about making simple changes to your average diet, to ensure the body receives the right nutrients it needs to repair, restore and regain health.

How Can Naturopathy Help Me?

Naturopathy uses a combination of natural therapy approaches to achieve wellness. A truly individualized and holistic approach, a unique treatment plan is developed for every client, to address your health issues and address the cause of your condition.  In your treatment we may use herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, diet modifications, lifestyle changes, flower essences, celloid minerals, homeopathy, diagnostics, testing – or any combination of these.  We look forward to working with you on your health goals!


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