What is Naturopathy? Can it help Me?

Stimulating natural processes brings about powerful healing

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but instead interest their
patients in diet, self-care, and prevention of disease”

Herbal Medicine

One of the many modalities used by a naturopath to assist with your health treatment.  Herbal medicine at Health Haven utilises both Western and Eastern herbs, formulated to be effective in your treatment plan.

Custom blended herbal medicine is suitable for both adults & children (at different dosages of course!).  Being a liquid form allows us to create a custom medicine targeted to your health symptoms and conditions.  

Herbal medicines are also available in capsule, tablet and powder form, allowing for very customised dispensing to suit your needs.

Clinical Nutrition

The fuel for wellness! A truly holistic treatment plan no only supports you with the medicines & supplements you need, but also offers suitable nutrition and diet advice.

Wherever possible, we aim for you to receive the nutrients you need through your food, not supplements.  That’s why we include easy to follow diet & lifestyle advice in our treatment plans.

Sometimes, due to deficiency or other factors, supplementation may be required. In this case we offer you the best quality, therapeutic grade, practitioner only supplements available.


They say eyes are the windows to the soul. True as that may be, they can also offer insights into your health! As the ONLY location in your body that we can see the nervous system in action, there is much that can be learned from studying your iris.

We generally use iridology in all our consultation, and have a variety of equipment to support this including an iriscope, computerised digital iriscope & reporting software, a digital iris camera and hand-held iris torches. A great non-invasive approach, used a lot with our children clients too.

Live Blood Screening

Live Blood Screening or Live Blood Analysis is a diagnostic tool we employ here at Health Haven.  Using just a pin prick of blood (like a blood glucose test) we are able to see your blood, live on screen!

Reviewing live blood allows us to see factors like inflammation and oxidative stress; iron or omega deficiency; the state of your immune system; if your liver or digestive system are under stress – plus more!  All very useful insights to help us target your treatment plan.

For instance, the image to the right shows red blood cells sticking together (a sign of gut disturbance), evidence of liver stress, and an immune system that needs a little support (the large white cells are immune cells). So book in today for your Live Blood Screening!

DNA Testing & Functional Pathology

Health Haven’s naturopath is fully trained in a range of Functional Pathology & DNA testing, including HTMA & BioCompatibility Testing. Using various testing we can uncover the reasons for your condition or symptoms, or discover what’s in your genes and offer you preventative health care.

Our naturopath works extensively with MTHFR, Pyrroles, a range of SNP’s, a variety of different bloodwork and pathology results, intolerance and allergy testing, as well as nutrigenomics.

Ask for details when you come to your consultation.

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