What is Naturopathy? Can it help Me?

Stimulating natural processes brings about powerful healing

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but instead interest their
patients in diet, self-care, and prevention of disease”

What is Naturopathy

Herbal Medicine

A fully qualified medicinal herbalist, our naturopath develops custom blended herbal tinctures specifically to treat your health concerns.  Cass also utilises herbal supplements in capsule or tablet form.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is about correcting any nutrient deficiences & feeding the body the correct foods to repair, restore and maintain good health.  Assessment is via symtoms, diagnostics & pathology testing (when warranted).


Did you know the iris is the ONLY area you can actually view the nervous system in action? Iridology is studying the iris to find health issues. Our naturopath doesn’t use iridology in isolation, but to complement her diagnosis.

Lifestyle & Diet

Lifestyle, diet & stress modifications formulate part of every treatment protocol at Health Haven.  By reviewing your current diet, lifestyle, and stress management, we advise changes that can make a big difference to your wellness.

Naturopathy uses a combination of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Naturopathy, Iridology, Diet & Lifestyle Modifications, Flower Essence Therapy & Diagnostics to develop a customised,
unique, treatment plan – targeted to your personal health issues.

How Can Naturopathy Help Me?

Naturopathy uses a combination of natural therapy approaches to achieve wellness. A truly individualized and holistic approach, a unique treatment plan is developed for every client, to address your health issues and address the cause of your condition.  In your treatment we may use herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, diet modifications, lifestyle changes, flower essences, celloid minerals, homeopathy, diagnostics, testing – or any combination of these.  We look forward to working with you on your health goals!


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