Health Haven Services

Complementary modalities for comprehensive care

Naturopathic Health Care

Both healing & preventative health care, naturopathy blends modalities to develop a treatment protocol that is as unique and specific as your own health goals.

Herbal Medicine

Custom blended herbal medicines, expertly crafted for each client.

Clinical Nutrition

Using food as medicine, ensuring your diet provides the right nutrients for healing.

Natural Supplements

Practitioner only, therapeutic grade supplements to support your healing.


Using the iris as a diagnostic tool to assist in treatment direction.

Live Blood Analysis

LBA on site allows us to view the state of your cellular health, live on screen.

Pathology & Testing

Functional pathology, Intolerance testing & general pathology as needed.

Health Programs

Metabolic Balance

Scientifically developed nutrition-based weight loss.  Based upon your own blood chemistry from comprehensive blood tests, Metabolic Balance provides you a nutrition plan of the foods that suit your metabolism.  Our Naturopath supports you through a full 12 week program, that will help you lose the weight & regain your energy & vitality.

Food Intolerance Testing

Bio Compatibility Testing allows us to determine the foods & products that are incompatible with your body.  A non-invasive small hair sample is all that’s needed, making this test perfect for children.  The test results form the basis of your own elimination diet. During your elimination we work on your health concerns, such as gut health and immunity.

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