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Find your way back to good health with tailored naturopathic treatment via consultations, or expertly crafted programs.

Naturopath Gold Coast & Australia Wide via Telehealth

Chronic Health Recovery ~ Gut Recovery & IBS 

I know you’ve had a journey getting to me, your chronic health issue has seen you try a number of health options before you found your way here.  The good new is that you’ve finally found the solution, someone who specialises in chronic health issues, has been chronically ill herself, and understands what it takes to get well.  All consultation types include a thorough health review, iridology & naturopathic diagnostics, and a comprehensive treatment plan.  In-Person consultations include a Live Blood Screening.

Recover Your Health ~ Get Your Life Back


Is it time to find out if naturopathy can offer you a solution to your chronic health issue? Great, let’s chat! I’ve helped many clients recover their health – let’s see how I can help you.

Disclaimer – I am honest & upfront, if I don’t feel I can help you I will say so
(& offer you advice on your next steps).

flexible consultation options


Convenient video conference appointments available to all clients.  Suitable for local, Australia wide & International clients.


Flexible and convenient, take your consultation anywhere it suits you. Select Telehealth consult & tick “phone” option.


Naturopathic Consultations are structured to provide a comprehensive review of your health history, your goals and your current health status.  This information is coupled with the learnings from your Iridology & Naturopathic Diagnostics, to give a clear view of your health and develop a targeted Treatment Protocol, uniquely tailored to move you toward those goals.

compreHEnsive inclusions


Using advanced camera technology & an iriscope we perform iridology (iris review) in your consult.  The iris shows the body’s nurture points which helps with treatment planning.  Telehealth clients receive iridology review via images supplied.

Naturopathic Protocol

Health Haven uses state-of-the-art software, programs & equipment, to provide you the best naturopathic service.  Our Naturopathic Treatment Protocols are user friendly and even accessible via our client app! Click the image to view a full sample Naturopathic Protocol.


client portal

We use a secure client portal called Practice Better.  Using the online software or by downloading the app, you can easily:

– access your Naturopathic Protocols
– send a secure message
– launch telehealth consults
– add entries to your food & mood journal 
– book or reschedule sessions
– order products & pay invoices


Naturopathic Consultations

The consultation options are detailed below. New Clients select an Initial Consultation; Existing Clients select a Follow Up Consultation.  When making a Telehealth booking the system will ask you to tick “TELEHEALTH” (video call) or “PHONE”.  Use the booking buttons below or choose BOOK from the main menu above.

initial consultation - Telehealth

75min Telehealth Consultation with unique individual treatment plan – $195

What To Expect from this consultation:

– A comprehensive Client Intake & Health History Questionnaire via email to complete before your appointment
– 1 x Initial Consultation of 60-75min duration held via Telehealth (or phone)
– 1 x Individual Naturopathic Treatment Protocol with supplement recommendations, diet & lifestyle advice
– Naturopathic diagnostics – tongue, nail & face signs (client supplies images prior to appointment)
Bonus: Naturopathic Diagnostics review is included FREE for a limited time (based on client supplying suitable images), digital food & mood journal, FREE access to secure client portal, supplements couriered to your door (flat rate $5 fee).


Follow up consultation - Telehealth

STANDARD FOLLOW UP 45min In Telehealth Consultation – $95

What To Expect from this consultation:

– 1 x Follow Up Consultation of up to 45min duration 
– 1 x Individual Naturopathic Treatment Protocol revision based on your current health status
Bonus: continued access to the secure client portal & digital food & mood journal

This Follow Up is recommended for most clients, as it allows time for thorough discussion of your health changes & amendments to your Treatment Protocol. We do not review diagnostics in this appointment (iris, tongue, nails etc) due to time. Medicines are sent via courier, flat rate $5 fee.

EXPRESS FOLLOW UP 30min Telehealth Consultation – $75

What To Expect from this consultation:

– 1 x Follow Up Consultation of up to 30min duration
– 1 x Individual Naturopathic Treatment Protocol revision based upon your current health status
Bonus: continued access to the secure client portal & digital food & mood journal

The Express Follow Up is a great option if your health is progressing well and we need a brief review to tweak your Treatment Protocol & dispense your medicine rescripts. There is not enough time for any diagnostic review (iris, tongue etc).

EXTENDED FOLLOW UP 60min – $135 

What To Expect from this consultation:

– 1 x Follow Up Consultation of up to 60min duration
– 1 x Individual Naturopathic Treatment Protocol revision based on your current health status
– Diagnostic review – this appointment allows time to review both your Iridology & Naturopathic Diagnostics (tongue, nail, face signs).  We will take note of findings & include in your new Naturopathic Protocol
Bonus: continued access to the client portal & digital food & mood journal

Chose this Extended Follow Up if you want a thorough review of your Iridology or Naturopathic Diagnostics (tongue, nail, face signs). I recommend this consultation be performed at least every 8-12 weeks, but it can be done as frequently as you like.



Service INformation

A last minute cancellation, or a no-show (non arrival) causes significant disruption when running a naturopathic service.  For every missed or cancelled appointment, there was generally someone else on my waitlist who missed out on being helped in that time slot.  I respectfully ask that if you unable to attend your appointment that you provide 24 hours notice of cancellation & reschedule.  If 24 hours notice is not provided, or you fail to arrive for you appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee – 50% of the consult fee for less than 24hrs notice, 100% fee for non arrival.  Non arrival for Telehealth means you do not take the call. I will try you 3 times in the first 10mins of your consultation, if you do not take the call, your booking is classed “non arrival”.

 Payment for consultations & medications is required at the time of consultation.  For In Person clients I offer credit & debit card via the online portal (secure & encrypted) and Square.  For Telehealth clients your payment is taken over the phone using debit or credit card.  You can save your card details in the client booking portal for future use – they are secure & encrypted, making it confidential & secure, but easy to process your payment for future appointments.  Consultations are either booked at the time of booking via the online portal or payable at the consultation.  We do not offer accounts.  Zip Pay & AfterPay are available & incur a 5% transaction fee.

At Health Haven I only use the best therapeutic herbal medicines & supplements, and practitioner only products.  I aim to be affordable so everything on my shelves is top quality at a value price.  I dispense the minimum amount of products (maximum 4 at any one time) to ensure we can track progress properly.  Rescripts are available between appointments (getting a refill of your herbs or supplements) with a $5 dispensing fee. and either collected from Tallai or shipped via courier.  

Health Haven closed the Gold Coast clinic in late 2020,  in light of the pandemic and the unknown effects on business.  For the time being I have set up a profession premises, offering the same quality service, from my home in Tallai on the Gold Coast.  Find me at 36 Uplands Court Tallai Q 4213.  I hope to take Health Haven back to a clinic location in late 2021/22.

Naturopath Cassandra Duffill is fully qualified & insured.  I am a full practicing member of the Complementary Medicines Association (CMA) & my member number is CMA#1682.  I am fully insured holding both above industry standard Professional Indemnity Insurance & Public Liability Insurance.  I hold a current First Aid & CPR certification that is renewed yearly. I also have a current Blue Card and Working with Children check.  My association holds all of these details and you are welcome to contact them to verify –


Naturopathic treatment may be new to you, so let me explain how it works. Every new client starts with an Initial Consultation, this is a longer consultation that allows us time to take a full health history, discuss your health issues in detail, perform any diagnostics & create a treatment protocol for you.  Your treatment protocol generally includes herbal medicines & supplements, these are an additional cost & I will always fit your needs & budget.

After your Initial Consultation you’ll have a 2 to 3 week healing period, followed by a Follow Up Consultation.  Follow Up Consultations are generally 30-45min in length, and every 8-12 weeks we hold an Extended Follow Up of 60mins duration to revisit live blood, iridology or other diagnostic, checking for changes & improvements. 

At every Follow Up Consultation we review your progress, make change to your treatment protocol, rescript any herbal medicines or supplements you need, and you’ll start your next healing phase.   We continue in a process of Follow Up Consultations & healing phases until you reach your health goals.  The duration between your consultations lengthens & you’ll take less supplements & herbal medicines, as your health improves.  My aim is to stimulate your body to take over the healing process, with less and less support from me.  

In time you can expect to obtain health improvements & be able to maintain them without the additional support of supplements & herbal medicines.

happy clients

For years I have struggled with my gut health, the GP would always say I just have an upset stomach or stomach bug…I finally decided to see a naturopath and I am so glad I found Cassandra! After a friendly consult she knew exactly what was wrong. After just 2 weeks of treatment I have felt the best I have in years! Thanks so much Cass! Highly recommend

Matt Barney

Health Haven Client

I’ve suffered with severe gut issues (IBS) for around 16 years, I’m currently 26 so that’s a large chunk of my life. I was at my wits end, no one ever gave me the help I needed. I found Cass through google, her reviews encouraged me to give her a go and I hope my review encourages someone else who is suffering to do the same. I had outstanding results from her treatment in just 2 weeks, I expected it to take months and she warned me it would potentially take months to feel results, but I thankfully responded so quickly and feel very relieved I’m not a lost cause. I highly recommend her. She can relate to what we go through and that is so comforting, she genuinely wants to help. She works in with your budget too. Stick to her treatment rigidly, it’s worth it!
Christie Rixon

Health Haven Client

Highly recommend Cassandra, I’m so pleased I found her. She nailed all my in-balances from gut stuff to hormones, I sleep better & feel completely supported with Cassandra’s style of treatment and her knowledge. Thank you so much 😍🌹
Victoria Sutton

Health Haven Client

How Do You KNow You CAn Help Me?

Because I’ve been you…

That’s right, I came to naturopathy to heal myself from chronic illness. I was sick, really, really sick.  Digestive illness and chronic EBV had taken over my life.  I’m better now, I can help you too! Book yourself a consultation and let’s get you on the path back to wellness!

Naturopath ~ Cassandra xo