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For the past 7 years I’ve been helping clients recovery their gut health and supported them through the journey from IBS. Why? Because I’ve been there, I’ve been you. In my 20’s IBS entered my life and I wondered if I would every be ‘normal’ again.

Everything I ate caused extreme pain, severe bloating, nausea, hot sweats – and made a ‘quick exit’. When my clients tell me they suffer from “explosive bowel” I truly know what that means. I remember the nights stuck in the bathroom, bouncing from vomit bucket to toilet and back again. Hot sweats so bad I had sweat beading down my entire body (and those that know me now, know I don’t usually sweat much at all). The pain was absolutely horrendous, doubling me over and catching my breath. The headaches & migraines it triggered were so intense – and brain fog was a constant friend. I was making so many silly mistakes at work it was getting frustrating…and my boss started to notice.

At this time I found myself only able to eat pureed pumpkin as literally everything made me sick. But was so ill that even pureed pumpkin was too much, and I’d fall asleep digesting it. My weight plummeted to 37kg, I had to resign from the job that I loved (after a written warning from HR for spending too much time in the bathroom – I kid you not!).

It was upon leaving my job that I started on the path to find my solution. By now it had been going on for 4 years. I had already seen every doctor and specialist. Had every scan, test & procedure they could think off. But they told me nothing was wrong – I knew they were wrong, I was sick, they just didn’t know why.

That’s when I decided to try alternative medicine. I took myself down to China Town (I was living in Sydney at the time) as I figured “that’s where you’ll find alternative healers”. I tried acupuncture, reflexology, energy healing, had a live blood scan, saw numerous naturopaths and a few nutritionist, to round out the list. By this time I had spent many thousands of dollars yet I still wasn’t well. Actually, I was getting sicker. Losing weight by the day. I was quite sure this illness would take my life eventually.

A year later and I had to relocate to Melbourne. I happened upon an alternative festival where I met a naturopath with a vega machine – my life forever changed in this moment! This machine spat out the name of a parasite the naturopath said I had. Upon returning to Sydney I asked my GP to test for it, which she did stating “well we’ve tried everything else”. Turns out that YES, I did have that parasite! Also turned out it was very rare and not usually in the area (they had to notify health officials). So even though I had had MULTIPLE stool tests, they weren’t looking for the right needle – in the right haystack.

Unfortunately by now my digestive system was wrecked. I like to say in clinic that ‘pathogens come holding hands with their friends’, which seems to be the truth. These bugs come along, others follow, the microbiome gets over grown with “bad guys” and we have one huge, horrid, mess…

So although the naturopath I found helped me along the way to erradicating the parasite, she never had great success at healing my gut and getting me ‘back to normal’. That’s when I decided it was time to heal myself.

I studied to become a naturopath and never looked back! I started working as a naturopath about 7 years ago, and in that time I’ve treated nearly 2000 people. I currently have 500 clients on my books and the majority of these are ‘gut people’.

The healing protocol I used for myself, I use with these clients everyday to recover their gut health too. I hope I can help you too.

Thanks for visiting today and thank you for reading my story. I wish you the very best in good health x

Naturopath ~ Cassandra Henry
Health Haven Gold Coast