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Welcome to 2021! And my friend, it’s time to get real about something….


You see, it’s just a myth.

Yeah, I know, right now everyone is full of resolutions & goals, planning to make great changes for the New Year and feeling so “motivated” to do so.

Perhaps you’ve decided to lose weight?  Start exercising? Meditate every morning? Take up yoga?  Eat better? Give up alcohol? Take meals to work?  Attempt a triathlon? 

Good on you! 

But don’t be surprised if a few days or weeks from now, these plans start to be forgotten.  Instead of getting up with the alarm you’ll hit the snooze button.  The new runners you bought for this fabulous resolution will be tossed into the rear of your closet.  You’ll start grabbing take-out instead of making lunch.  A bowl of cereal may start to look like a decent meal option….! 

And do you know why?

Because my friend, motivation… it’s a lie…

What?!” I hear you say!  “This naturopath chick is crazy! Of course motivation is a real thing!“. 

Trust me, I get that response ALL THE TIME.  But hear me out….

Right now you might be feeling “motivated”, but honesty all that is, is excitement for your new idea.  You are excited by the idea of losing weight, running 10km, taking up painting, meditation every morning, planning healthy delicious meals.  It’s the excitement of it that keeps you on track right now.  

But that energy you feel right now, that excitement, it fades.  And you stop doing the ‘things’ you’ve started to do now.  The “motivation” you have for your resolution…it can disappear as swiftly as it came.

When that happens what do we do? We feel like a failure. We feel guilty for not seeing it through.  We may even feel embarrassed (cause we told all our friends we WOULD do that triathlon this year!) or we may feel ashamed, as falling off “the wagon” sent us right back to the chocolate and lollies we were so desperate to give up!

Take heart my friend, because you ARE NOT ALONE!  And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

We have been led to believe that MOTIVATION is a real, tangible thing. That one day we just happen to “wake up” with this pile of motivation inside of us!  But that just isn’t the truth. Frankly, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

That person you’re comparing yourself to, the one with all the motivation?  The only difference between you and them – is DECISION.

Every day that “motivated” person gets up and MAKES THE DECISION to do the “things” toward achieving their goal.  They may decide to exercise; eat well; take a yoga class; get to an art class; run 10km.  Whatever it is, believe me MOTIVATION is not the instigator – DECISION IS!

The only difference between you and that ‘motivated’ person who appears to be ‘so easily’ achieving their goals?  They get up EVERY SINGLE DAY and DECIDE to continue their journey. They DECIDE to take the steps toward their goal.

That’s it, just a decision.

And that my friend, is why MOTIVATION IS JUST A MYTH.  And why, you are also only ever ONE DECISION AWAY from a BRAND NEW YOU.

Take this year to make the decision to put yourself first. What have you always wanted to achieve? What have you tried and failed at in the past?  This year, get up every day, and make the decision to do that”thing”.

You won’t regret it!

Naturopath ~ Cassandra xx