So tell me – how would it feel to look in the mirror and like what you see?  

I know what it’s like, you hit 40 and it seems like overnight, your metabolism grinds to a halt! All of a sudden you just ‘think’ of bread…and your hips get bigger! Or maybe you’ve struggled with your weight on and off through your life; you’re looking for that key, the final solution, that will get the weight off for good?  Perhaps you have hormone issues that make it so hard for you to manage your weight?

I have the solution!

What if you could… 


Balance your hormones

reset your metabolism

Regain your vitality

Fit back into the clothes you love

well, guess what…you can!

hI! I’m cass, naturopath & metabolic balance certified practitioner

In clinic I support both women and men who are struggling with their weight. I’m passionate about helping people JUST LIKE YOU, regain their health and well being by losing excess weight with Metabolic Balance! 

12 week program

1 to 1 support

My clients normally acheive between 12kg and 20kg weight loss in the 12 week program. I personally went from 75kg to 63kg during my Metabolic Balance program.  The best thing? It’s really not that hard! 

No more crazy diets, self deprevation or running yourself ragged! The program is so easy to follow and you have my ongoing support, every step of the way.  The only regret you’ll have – is not doing it sooner!

how does it work?

unique to your own biochemistry

Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is based on your own biochemistry. We begin with comprehensive blood tests & a full health history. These are used to develop your unique Metabolic Balance plan.


naturally curbs cravings

Metabolic Balance is designed to balance your blood sugar and get your body running well on quality nutrients. This approach stops your body running from sugar hit to sugar hit, giving you more energy. The coaching you receive helps you to better understand your cravings & supports you to make better choices.

100% Pure whole foods

There are no fad diet pills, shakes or deprevation on Metabolic Balance! You eat 3 good meals per day, drink plenty of water and get all the nutrients your body needs. You can even continue to have tea and coffee – how great is that! 

quick results

Clients are always amazed at how quickly the body will release excess weight! Not only will you lose weight, inflammation will decrease and we see improvements in other markers like blood pressure and cholesterol.  Many clients come in with fatigue, joint pain and elevated BP – and end the program not only kilos lighter, but without their knee pain & with a normal BP.

clear plan & top support

Metabolic Balance is a clear plan that tells you exactly what to eat, the foods that suit your body best, and the exact portions you need. I support you 1:1 with 6 consultations through out the program, incorporating my own bonus content on mindset, motivation & eating well for life.  That way you can lose the weight – and keep it off.


Metabolic Balance was developed in Germany & is well known throughout Europe.  Developed by European physicians, the program has over 20 years worth of research and success stories.



More than weight loss, clients see improvements across a range of health and well being areas. Increased vitality, decreased fatigue, reduced joint pain, normalised BP and cholesterol – just to name a few!



At it’s core, Metabolic Balance provided a personalised nutrition plan that is highly anti-inflammatory & specifically suited to your own body’s biochemistry.  Lowering inflammation improves health in many ways, from the gut to immunity, reduced swelling and inflammation, improved lymphatic function (no more cankles!).

I had tried many diets over the years, I never lost much weight and what I did lose came back quickly afterwards.  Metabolic Balance was really easy to follow and the support of Cass throughout was perfect – I think the meal plan that suited my body with the great support of my coach, was what I needed! I am so happy to be back in my old clothes again. Thanks Cass!

Rachael B

Metabolic Balance Client

My husband told me I should try Metabolic Balance. I had failed at other diets, he said to me “this is the one that will work”. He was right! The food plan was easy, I just followed exactly what it said. I think chosing the right coach is key – picking Cass was the right decision! I lost over 20kg on the program and am fitting into size 8 clothes! I couldn’t be happier and I’m so proud of myself.

Mila P

Metabolic Balance Client

Due to health conditions I am disabled and struggle with movement.  This program was perfect for me as its focused on the food and proper meal planning.  I think with exercise you would lose more quickly.  I was happy with my 10kg loss during the 3 months.  I intend to stay on my plan longer term to continue to lose a bit more.  Very happy with the results, thanks.

Ronnie R

Metabolic Balance Client

Too funny to not share!

My 14yr old text me this message yesterday ... at 6am!

🕷 🕷 🕷


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Salmon and salad for dinner ~ #metabolicbalance all the way! The last few kilos are releasing already, I can feel my watch sliding up and down my wrist (it’s usually tight!).

Looking forward to the weekend weigh in!

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This is the card I pulled this morning. I think that’s a great message for us all 💕🙏

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Practice what you preach ~ so here I go, back on #metabolicbalance !

I did MB about 2 years ago when I completed my Metabolic Balance coach certification. I was really happy with the results but due to the kids and I coming down with influenza B 🤦‍♀️ I stopped at 7 weeks (the program is 12 weeks) and couldn’t complete my final month.

What were my results in those 7 weeks? Let me tell you...

💕 10kg lost - 75kg to 65kg
💕 8cm off my waist
💕 13 off my hips
💕 6cm off my thighs

So I was still thrilled with that and today I currently sit at 64.2kg, so I’ve maintained the loss.

But with my wedding coming in March it’s time to lose the last few.

Today I started the Prep Phase Day 1. This was my breakfast. Not bad for the detox phase of a diet hey?!

I’ll be sharing my journey again this time as I move through #metabolicbalance

Want to do it with me? Great! Check out my website for full details of program.

2020 has been tough - so let’s start 2021 feeling fitter, more vital, more energetic and without those excess kilos 😊

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A shout out today to a fabulous client ~ who's also a little shy ~ but who deserves major recognition for her achievement! Today she completed Metabolic Balance, and only 2kg off her goal weight! Amazing outcome!

Let me tell you the other good bits.. she also...
- lost 10cm off her waist!
- lost 10cm off her hips!
- lost 10cm off her thighs!
- dropped a couple of dress sizes
- feels so much more vital and full of energy to boot!

And I can just say LOOK at that abdominal region - WOW! She was thrilled, so much so she's coming for another round 😀 Another 12 weeks together we will really cement her new eating habits and lose those last couple of pesky kilos too!

So my lovely client, YOU know who YOU are - well done! I'm so impressed by your determination in the face of challenges and the amazing transformation you've made - not just to your weight but to your life as a whole.

It will be an absolute pleasure supporting you through the next 12 weeks 😀🤗

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When you’ve been watching #thehomeedit and just had to put your pantry food in containers... and buy turntables for your olive oils 😂

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