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Reset Your Metabolism with Metabolic Balance

a unique weight loss solution

Are you over 40, struggling with stubborn weight, low metabolism & lost vitality? Are you looking for a long term solution?

How Would It Feel To…


Lose the excess weight


regain energy & vitality


feel confident & fit clothes you love

If you’ve tried to lose weight before & it hasn’t worked, you’re in the right place. The reason it didn’t work – it wasn’t the right program for you.  Metabolic Balance is the only truly individual weight-loss solution… and that is why it works!

My unique version of Metabolic Balance launches again May 31 2021.  Join Now!

Next round of Metabolic Balance won’t be until late 2021, so don’t miss out!  Why not book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with me to talk about the program and see if it’s right for you? Booking link at the bottom of this page.  Lets do this!

Welcome to Metabolic balance

No fad diets, no shakes or pills, no calorie counting or running yourself ragged at the gym. Just real, nutritious wholefoods, specificially suited to your body, backed by tailored coaching and 1:1 support.

Metabolic Balance is a nutrition-based healthy eating program, based on your own body chemistry, that shows you exactly the RIGHT foods for YOUR body.  

Created in Germany by Dr Wolf Funfack M.D, a nutrition medicine expert and doctor, who dedicated his life to researching & treating obesity & diet-related diseases.  Metabolic Balance is backed by almost 30 years of research & is a leading weight loss solution throughout Europe.  I am privileged to deliver the program to my clients here in Australia.

Over 1 MILLION people worldwide have already lost weight and kept it off with Metabolic Balance.  Tell me… 

Will You Be Next?

how does Metabolic balance work?

The best nutrition based weight loss program available, Metabolic Balance tells you EXACTLY which foods to eat and in what amounts, to lose weight & keep it off.  At Health Haven I like upfront transparency, so I include the ENTIRE PROGRAM and ALL THE ELEMENTS you need, in the one value-packed price.  I also offer the best in 1:1 support with WEEKLY coaching calls, regular group calls, an online learning hub to help you through cravings, emotional eating, sabotages & more! No other coach delivers Metabolic Balance in this way. I can’t wait to help you!

program inclusions

comprehensive blood tests

You are referred for a comprehensive Metabolic Balance blood panel, which reviews all the relevant markers needed for your nutrition plan.  This includes inflammation, thyroid, iron, liver enzymes & more.  Your current weight & measurements are used with the blood test results to create your Metabolic Balance nutrition plan.

Bonus – your comprehensive blood tests are included as part of your program at Health Haven – there is no additional fee.

your mb nutrition plan

Your personalised plan clearly outlines the right foods for your body & the right amounts you should be eating. As your personal coach I will walk you through the plan in detail, showing you what to eat & when. You will eat three wholefood meals every day, and can even have tea, coffee and fruit! No more “diet guess work”!

Your complete nutrition plan is included in the cost of your program. I supply this to you in a quality hard copy folder as well as digitally.

Bonus – download the NEW Metabolic Balance app.

100% Pure nutrition

You’ll eat a variety of whole foods, quality proteins, delicious vegetables & fruit throughout the 12 week program – and you still drink tea and coffee! There are no shakes, pills, fads or calorie counting.  

Bonus – I gift you my digital recipe book – WholeFoods for Health that has over 40 pages of recipe ideas you can easily adapt to suit your nutrition plan.

ultimate coaching & support

The other element that sets Metabolic Balance apart is the support. Through your 12 week journey you have me by your side, helping & encouraging you all the way!  Weekly 1:1 coaching calls, fortnightly group zoom meet ups, 12 weeks of online modules & learning, a 46 page recipe ideas book (plus a little welcome pack from me!) – all crafted so you can lose the weight, reset your metabolism, and keep it off.

Bonus – weekly 1:1 coaching calls & fortnightly zoom group sessions. More support equals better results for you! 

online learning modules

This truly sets apart Metabolic Balance here at Health Haven. I have expertly crafted modules to further support you in making a long term change.  Metabolic Balance isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Bonus – modules taking you through the mindset of eating, goal setting for success, correct portion sizes, over coming self sabotage behaviours & my Eat Right For Life principles.

weight loss plus much more!

Fat Burning

Stimulates fat release & fat burning for fast results

improves health

Blood cholesterol levels drop & blood pressure improves

reduce fast

Release inflammation eating the right foods for you.

improve markers

Blood markers improve swiftly, energy & vitality return.

reduce cravings

By eating the right foods in the right portions.

why does it work so well?

It’s a program that is backed by many years of use and research, this study shows that at least 60% of people who complete Metabolic Balance, lose at least 5% of their body weight & more than 30% of people lose 10%.   Comparing Metabolic Balance to a study of other programs, we achieve outcomes 2 to 4 times greater.

(Metabolic Balance in my clinic generally achieves 10 – 20kg loss in the 12 weeks; the comparative program in the study achieved 1.4 – 4.4kg loss. Individual results will vary based upon how well you adhere to the program, lifestyle factors, weightloss goals, age, physicality etc).

natural weight loss

Tailored 1:1 support

long lasting change

Is Metabolic Balance right for you?

Are you at a place in your life where you need to make a change? Have you tried diets before, with little success? Do you struggle knowing what to eat to make a long-lasting change? Are you struggling with health conditions like joint pain, inflammation, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or maybe sleep issues?  Then Metabolic Balance is RIGHT for you!

recent client results

The clients below all went through Metabolic Balance with me.  Privacy is assured, I only share results and pictures with client approval.  How amazing are their outcomes?! 

Recent Results!

Mila P lost 20.2kg

Melinda H lost 10.2kg
(without exercise due to a hip condition)

Richard O lost 17kg

Jason S lost 23kg

Terri C lost 15kg

Juliet S lost 17kg

My personal results

Down from 75.5kg to 62kg! Look at the difference! The picture on the left was the day I certified as a Metabolic Balance coach – I was 41 and knew I needed a new path.  At the end of the 12 weeks I was 62kg! 

I spent my 20’s tiny, only 45kg before my first son was born. So being 75kg made me really unhappy, I lost confidence and was struggling with lack of energy and fatigue.

I’m about to turn 45 and I’m so happy to be at 62kg! I admit, I can’t smile in photos (lol!) but I really was happy with the change!

I do want to lose a little more and hit my goal of 55kg, so you’ll see me doing MB along side you in 2021 – practicing what I preach!

Metabolic Balance Program inclusions

Your 12 Week Metabolic Balance Program Includes:

– your personalised nutrition plan from Metabolic Balance

– referral for comprehensive blood tests & the cost is INCLUDED* in your plan

– complete list of foods that suit your body with recommended meal plans

– one to one tailored coaching with me for the entire 3 months

weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me

fortnightly zoom group calls with all my current Metabolic Balance participants

Metabolic Balance app to access your plan on the go

EXCLUSIVE online learning modules to set you on the right path for the long term

BONUS recipe book, welcome guide & Eat Right for Life Plan

PLUS all the accountability, support & coaching you need to make a long lasting change!

I deliver Metabolic Balance via distance / online (a combination of zoom, face time and phone calls) meaning you can do the program from ANYWHERE in Australia. How awesome is that!

*blood test is included provided you attend the local pathology lab I refer you to. Attending a different lab may cause for additional cost to be charged to you directly. 

Metabolic Balance 12 Week Transformation

Tailored 1:1 Support in an Online & Group Format. All the individual support you need, with the benefit of group support & online learning to make a long term change!


Complete Program / Payment Plan Available

Rave reviews

I had tried many diets over the years, I never lost much weight and what I did lose came back quickly afterwards.  Metabolic Balance was really easy to follow and the support of Cass throughout was perfect – I think the meal plan that suited my body with the great support of my coach, was what I needed! I am so happy to be back in my old clothes again. I was unable to exercise due to a hip injury and still lost the weight, amazing!

Melinda H

Metabolic Balance Client

My husband told me I should try Metabolic Balance. I had failed at other diets, he said to me “this is the one that will work”. He was right! The food plan was easy, I just followed exactly what it said. I think chosing the right coach is key – picking Cass was the right decision! I lost over 20kg on the program and am fitting into size 8 clothes! I couldn’t be happier and I’m so proud of myself.

Mila P

Metabolic Balance Client

The coaching & support really made this program for me.  I’ve done two rounds with Cass and lost 16kg in total.  Within the first week I felt my energy come back – I hadn’t had stamina like that in a long time.  As a picky eater I often struggle to find foods I like – Cass spent extra time with me crafting meal plans to suit my taste & support me through initial resistance.  I’d recommend this program to anyone – not just for weight loss but for getting back your energy too.

Wendi W

Metabolic Balance Client

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My next group start in May 2021. I only take a maximum of 10 people per round to ensure I can give you all the very best coaching and support. So don’t wait, secure your place now!
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Cassandra Duffill ~ Naturopath & Metabolic Balance Certified Coach

 Disclaimer: Metabolic Balance does not provide or replace medical care or advice. Every weight loss program carries certain risks. Consult with your physician prior to beginning any weight loss program. Certain health conditions may prevent you from participating. Individual results may vary and no specific medical benefits are claimed for this program. Results cannot be guaranteed. Metabolic Balance is a registered trademark.