METABOLIC BALANCE® ~ with Cassandra Henry, Qualified Naturopath


We will help you to:

Lose Unwanted Weight

Reset Your Metabolism

Regain Your Health & Vitality Long-term

It’s Easier Than You Think!

I KNOW you’ve tried EVERYTHING already to lose weight.  But this time is different – we have a researched & scientifically developed program that gets great results!

We simply follow the right strategy, with step-by-step guidance along the way from me, you WILL see results.  I assure you this program is different – it’s nothing like you’ve tried before. 

Hi there!

I’m Cass. I’m a Certified Metabolic Balance ® Practitioner & Qualified Naturopath.  Working in my clinic I’ve seen how HARD it can be to lose weight, particularly during menopause.  Metabolic Balance is the answer!  

I can help you to lose the weight & regain your health – for the long term!

No deprevation, starvation, shakes or gimmicks.  Just quality wholesome food in a full three meals a day.  We will reset your metabolism, support your body to function at it’s best, and lose the weight.  Let’s chat now

Cass Henry, Naturopath xo


How Does It Work?

Metabolic Balance ® is a program unlike any other. It uses your own blood values to develop a personalised nutrition plan – just for you! Combined with our one to one coaching and support, this will be the easiest program you’ve ever tried! More than weight loss, Metabolic Balance ® can reduce inflammation & help relieve symptoms from various conditions too.

Unique & Personalised

Starting with a consultation we take into account your health history & goals.  A comprehensive blood panel is taken (arranged at a lab near you) and used to create your personalised Nutrition Plan.

100% Real Food & Nutrition

There are no shakes, pills or other diet gimmicks! The diet plan is 100% real food, in a balanced nutrition format, that supports your body to lose weight & regain energy.

Curbs Your Cravings

The nutrition plan works to rebalance your blood sugar to remove cravings & restore your energy and stamina.  Our coaching and mindset work helps release these cravings for good!

Results are Fast!

Resetting the metabolism stimulates the body to release excess weight.  You’ll be surprised by how rapid the weight loss can be on Metabolic Balance ®!

100% Coaching & Support

Built into the program is a series of consultations where we assess your progress, support your health & healing & work on mindset.  This supports the program to give you lasting change!


Be healthier and slimmer!

Fit into the clothes you love again!

Enjoy boundless energy & vitality!

Feel like yourself again!

On a Nutrition Plan that is
so easy and stress free.

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING!


Welcome to Metabolic Balance® with Cassandra Henry


Sensible eating patterns & correct portions establishes healthy eating patterns help you make a long term change.  Metabolic Balance nutritional plans focus on nutrient rich wholesome foods, providing the fuel your body needs.


Metabolic Balance® is a nutrition program based on your own unique blood chemistry.  Developed by physicans in Europe, this program is backed by 20 years of research and success stories. 


Metabolic Balance® works to reset your metabolism so that you burn fat, balance hormones & reduce insulin resistance.  The program tells you exactly what to eat to re-establish your body’s own balance.


As we rebalance the hormones that manage your appetite & hunger, and provide the body the right amount of protein & nutrients, meaning you don’t feel hungry.


Through resetting metabolism and hormones. We track your progress using a Body Composition Monitoring that tracks 11 different bio-markers including fat%, fluid%, BMI, BMR & metabolic age.


The nutrition packed plan reduces cholesterol, improves blood glucose levels and reduces inflammation.  It lowers the risk of Type II Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome.

Learn More About Metabolic Balance®, the Internationally Recognised Weight Loss Solution here

Your Investment in Metabolic Balance®

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T&C’s: special price & bonus offers are for a limited time or until sold out. Offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice. Bonuses are offered by Health Haven Natural Medicine Clinic and are separate & additional to the Metabolic Balance® program. Naturopathic support included is limited to issues that can be discussed during your Coaching Consultations – lengthy, complex or difficult cases may require a separate naturopathic consultation (charged at normal rates).  Payment via payment plan or Zip incurs an admin fee.

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