Live Blood Screening & Analysis

See the state of your cellular health, live on screen!

An invaluable tool in reviewing the health of your cells, that allows us to see the changes in real time, as we work on your health, diet and lifestyle. 

Live Blood Screening

Live Blood Screening or Live Blood Analysis is a diagnostic tool we employ here at Health Haven.  Using just a pin prick of blood (like a blood glucose test) we are able to see your blood, live on screen!

Reviewing live blood allows us to see factors like inflammation and oxidative stress; iron or omega deficiency; the state of your immune system; if your liver or digestive system are under stress – plus more!  All very useful insights to help us target your treatment plan.

For instance, the image to the right shows red blood cells sticking together (a sign of gut disturbance), evidence of liver stress, and an immune system that needs a little support (the large white cells are immune cells). So book in today for your Live Blood Screening!

Live Blood Microscope

Health Haven has the newest and most up-to-date live blood microscope system available in Australia.  The system uses a high powered dark-field microscope, connected to both a computer and a large screen.  This allows us to show you in real time, you blood cells live on the screen.  It also allows us to capture photos and video of your cells, to save to your file for review.

Live Blood Images

What we are looking at on the screen is your live blood.  Mostly what we see are red blood cells (RBCS).  Looking at these in detail we can determine elements like your iron, B vitamins and hydration.  A variety of immune cells (bright cells) are also visible.  These can indicate current infection, or post viral syndromes.  Within the blood we may also see microbes, such as parasites, bacteria or yeast (candida) although these are less common.  We can also see indicators of inflammation, liver stress or the need for digestive support.  At Health Haven we include live blood screening (excluding report) in all 90min+ consultations, or as an add-on to shorter consultations if time allows (fees apply).

(>>> please note this image is not a healthy example. This person has IBS, leaky gut and a chronic immune condition).

Live Blood Report

At Health Haven we have spent many hours creating a simple to understand and easy to read report, that we can include with your Live Blood Screening.  This report details our findings from your session and includes some images from your live blood analysis – so you have a record to keep showing your own cells in action! It’s also a great tool to keep and compare against future live blood screens.

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