Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Are one of the 1 in 10 Aussies living with IBS?

IBS - There are Answers!

Having been told you have IBS / irritable bowel syndrome, it’s quite depressing! The dr generally tells you it’s “just something you have to deal with” and “you’ve got it for life”. I know…because that was me.  My IBS was actually one of the reasons I became a naturopath. I knew IBS wasn’t normal, I knew there was answers, I just had to find them!

Everyone’s IBS is different, but mine was extremely severe. Yet here I am, living a normal life. Do I have to be careful of certain foods? For sure! Am I careful with what I eat? Definately! But they’re small prices to pay for being able to have a meal out with friends…without running off to find a public toilet!

I can get YOUR normal back – Let me help you…

IBS, why me?

Short answer – who knows?! But, there is always a trigger, be it a parasite, bacterial infection, viral load, medications, food triggers or extreme stress.  There is ALWAYS a trigger, and I WILL find it.  It’s the key to unlocking your IBS and getting your health back.

Can we fix it?

Doctors will say “no”…I will say “yes”, within reason.  In my experience your digestive system will always be a little sensitive after IBS, you’ll need to be mindful of your food triggers in future. But that’s ok, we’d rather skip a few foods and be well, than live with the alternative!

IBS Info...

So what is IBS? IBS is NOT blood in the bowel motions, so if that’s you, please see your doctor straight away.  IBS varies for everyone and may include:

  • recurrent episodes of diarrhea and consipation
  • bloating, cramping, abdominal pain
  • nausea, sweating, feeling sick
  • explosive diarrhea
  • pain & nausea tend to be relieved by going to the toilet
  • depression / anxiety

How Do You Treat IBS?

As with all naturopathic treatments, addressing IBS / irritable bowel syndrome is a holistic and comprehensive approach.  Working with a combination of herbal medicine, supplements, nutrition, flower essence therapy, mineral therapy – developed to address your unique set of symptoms and your individual trigger – we work on getting you well.  There’s no “quick fix” in IBS, but we can offer symptomatic relief whilst addressing the cause.

Step 1:
Symptomatic Relief
Individual treatment plan to relieve your symptoms asap. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll feel better!

Step 2:
Address Cause
Assessing your symptoms to find the cause.  If needed, testing for allergies, intolerances, bacteria or parasites.

Step 3:

It can take time to get well, and stay well.  We’ll keep in touch and ensure the treatment continues to work for you.

Allergy & Intolerance Testing

Some tests can be ordered online, without consultation.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly (my daughter) began feeling well! Months of feeling sick all day, constant headaches & living on the toilet were over in the first week. Amazing!”

Jane, client's mother

Client, Health Haven

“I thought I’d never feel well again, never be healthy – and definately never get pregnant.  Cass fixed years of IBS in just a few months. Now we’re pregnant too, couldn’t be happier.”

Kylie R, 34yrs

Client, Health Haven

“I’d become a hermit, too afraid to leave the house. I’d even quit my job as I was too sick to work.  Happy to say I’m now back to normal, back at work, and feeling like my old self”.

Kyran, 42yrs

Client, Health Haven

Food Intolerance Testing – download the 500 items test list

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