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IBS & Gut recovery naturopath

IBS ~ Leaky Gut ~ SIBO ~ Candida ~  Bloating ~ Cramps ~ Constipation ~ Diarrhoea..

Sound familiar?

IBS & gut specialist Naturopath

Are you suffering with IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, candida overgrowth? Glad you found me, I can help!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a functional disorder that affects 1 in 5 Australians.

IBS is characterised by a broad range of severe & chronic symptoms like cramps & bloating; diarrhoea & constipation; nausea & loss of appetite, just to start with.  IBS severely affects a persons quality of life, clients are often too sick to enjoy a social life, struggle to work & suffer from lost energy & vitality.

I know, because IBS was my story too.  I was so sick I had to leave a job I loved.  My days were a blur of cramps & pain, explosive toilet episodes & being triggered by everything I ate.  In the end all I could eat was pureed pumpkin & my weight dropped to only 37kg.

Does this sound like you?

Recover Your gut ~ Get Your Life Back

At Health Haven I’ve not only recovered my own gut health, since 2014 I have supported many clients recover from gut health issues too.  I have developed my own unique protocol that works to recover your gut, regardless of the cause that got you to IBS / leaky gut /  SIBO / candida (insert whatever name you choose). You see, I don’t believe in “IBS” as a diagnosis.  IBS, in my opinion, is a term they label us, when the medicos don’t know what’s wrong with us or how to fix it.  If you aren’t a positive diagnosis for a digestive disease, you get lumped in the IBS bucket!

But I believe our digestive system was well once, it can be again.  If your leg was broken, would it not heal? Why should you gut be any different?

You see, whatever pushed you to gut dysfunction, has left gut damage (leaky gut) behind. It’s probably come with bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), overrun yeast (candida), pathogens, parasites, inflammation – because these elements don’t tend to come alone.

That is why my approach is about healing the root cause, fixing the damage left behind.  Clear out what shouldn’t be there (pathogens, bacteria, yeast, virus); reduce inflammation; repopulate what should be there & heal the gut damage.

This protocol works.  Is it time to heal your gut too?

IBS & Gut health treatment solutions


Naturopath consults

Individual 1:1 appointments with Naturopath Cass, each one creating a unique treatment protocol to step you through the healing process.

gut recovery

I have crafted a premium program, Gut Recovery, that will step you though a healing journey with your gut.  The program includes 2 consultations so you receive 1:1 support.


free Gut Recovery guide

Learn more about a naturopathic approach to healing gut dysfunction & IBS. Download this FREE guide – Secret Insider Tips to Heal Your Gut.

Let’s chat about how we can recover your gut


Unsure what the best option is for your gut health journey?  Book a FREE 15 min chat with me to discuss the options and see which would be the best fit.

happy gut clients

For years I have struggled with my gut health, the GP would always say I just have an upset stomach or stomach bug…I finally decided to see a naturopath and I am so glad I found Cassandra! After a friendly consult she knew exactly what was wrong. After just 2 weeks of treatment I have felt the best I have in years! Thanks so much Cass! Highly recommend

Matt Barney

Health Haven Client

I’ve suffered with severe gut issues (IBS) for around 16 years, I’m currently 26 so that’s a large chunk of my life. I was at my wits end, no one ever gave me the help I needed. I found Cass through google, her reviews encouraged me to give her a go and I hope my review encourages someone else who is suffering to do the same. I had outstanding results from her treatment in just 2 weeks, I expected it to take months and she warned me it would potentially take months to feel results, but I thankfully responded so quickly and feel very relieved I’m not a lost cause. I highly recommend her. She can relate to what we go through and that is so comforting, she genuinely wants to help. She works in with your budget too. Stick to her treatment rigidly, it’s worth it!
Christie Rixon

Health Haven Client

Highly recommend Cassandra, I’m so pleased I found her. She nailed all my in-balances from gut stuff to hormones, I sleep better & feel completely supported with Cassandra’s style of treatment and her knowledge. Thank you so much 😍🌹
Victoria Sutton

Health Haven Client

How Do You KNow You CAn Help Me?

Because I’ve been you…

That’s right, I came to naturopathy to heal myself from chronic illness. I was sick, really, really sick.  Digestive illness and chronic EBV had taken over my life.  I’m better now, I can help you too! Book yourself a consultation and let’s get you on the path back to wellness!

Naturopath ~ Cassandra xo