Herbal Medicine

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Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicinal treatment, with a long history of traditional or emperical use. 
Health Haven is an evidence based practice, meaning we work with herbal medicine that not only has a long history
of traditional use, but is also supported by scientific and clinical testing, where ever possible.

Herbal Medicine is used as part of most treatment plans at Health Haven.  Our naturopath’s preference is for using therapeutic grade liquid herbs, using these to blend a unique custom medicine, specifically for you!  Custom blended liquid herbal medicines are suitable for adults and children. Our naturopaths’ special recipe for children’s blends makes them palatable and easy to take.  Health Haven Gold Coast also offers herbal medicine in capsule, tablet and dried herbal tea forms.

Naturopathy – Walk In & Acute Service.  We offer a unique acute illness service where we can make up a herbal blends & dispense natural medicines for colds, flu, sinusitis, headache, PMT, period symptoms or other acute illness, on demand while you wait.  A short 5-10min over-the counter consultation (just like your GP) is all it takes, costing only $15-$35.  We dispense what you need on the spot – and send you back home to bed!  (please call before you come so we can be ready to meet you).


Different options to suit every person & health need…we work WITH you…!





What is a Naturopathy Consultation you ask? Your appointment starts with our naturopath taking a full, comprehensive health history.  We ask you to detail your condition, symptoms & supply any blood pathology and test results.  Our naturopath will perform necessary medical diagnostics, like blood pressure & blood glucose; as well as naturopathic diagnosis tools including tongue/nail/facial signs, zinc tally test & urine analysis.  Our naturopath Cass is also trained in iridology and live blood analysis, and these tools are used in our extended consultations (90mins+).  At the end of your session our Naturopath will discuss her findings with you, and working WITH you, create a treatment plan to address your health issues and goals.  We also have a full dispensary on site, with acute dispensing and some walk-in appointments available.

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“How do you know you can help me?
Because I’ve been there, I’ve been you….”

Hi I’m Cassandra, naturopath & owner of Health Haven. I have experienced many health issues in my life; such as IBS, Ross River, Glandular fever & most recently, the side effects of pelvic mesh. I’ve also treated my children through ASD, MTHFR & Pyrroles.  So when I say I’ve been there, I really mean it! I know what works, and what doesn’t. Reach out today, book your appointment, let me help x

Naturopath & Herbalist 
Cassandra Henry