Herbal Medicine by a Qualified Naturopath

Offers a natural & effective treatment alternative

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicinal treatment, with a long history of traditional or emperical use. 
Health Haven is an evidence based practice, meaning we work with herbal medicine that not only has a long history
of traditional use, but is also supported by scientific and clinical testing, where ever possible.

Types of Herbal Medicine

Herbal Tinctures

As a fully qualified herbalist, our naturopath creates custom made herbal medicines for client unique health issues.  This has the benefit of being able to provide multiple actions simultaneously and be readily absorbed.

Dried Herbs / Herbal Teas

Dried herbs are a speciality of our naturopath, hence the creation of her own brand Health Blends.  She can develop dried herbal teas for your health needs, that is both delicious and effective.  A gentle & supportive addition to any health regime.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal medicine can also be delivered in capsule, tablet or powdered form, depending upon the use and needs of the client.  Our naturopath will recommend the best delivery mode for your herbal medicine, to treat your illness effectively.

Individual Approach

Health Haven works with your individual health concerns, to develop a tailored, specific and unique approach. Each treatment protocol is developed and researched thoroughly to ensure it will met your individual health issues. 

Herbal medicine is a key treatment option used by Health Haven. As a fully qualified naturopath,
medicinal herbalist and clinical nutritionist, Cass combines these healing modalities into a
treatment plan to address your individual health concerns.

Do I have to take herbal medicine?

No! Our naturopath will work with you, to develop a treatment plan that suits you!  Although herbal medicine is used in most of our treatment protocols, there are other options. Just talk to us during your consultation – we will develop a plan that works for you!


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