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Hair analysis is a non-intrusive, inexpensive, comprehensive and reliable pathology too, used by naturopaths.  Pathology can assess your hair sample for a wide range of information – Health Haven predominately use 2 different hair analyses:

1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – nutrient profile

2. Bio-Compatibility Hair Testing – food sensitivities

The results from the testing done allow Cass to develop a specifically tailored treatment protocol, that addresses not only your symptoms, but the underlying causes.  As a non-invasive test, Hair Analysis is also perfect for children!

Tell Me About HTMA

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

About HTMA

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is used to assess the levels of
minerals and heavy metals in your system, both nutritional and toxic.  Ensuring you have the right minerals, in the correct ratios, is crucial to good health.  By the same token, removing any toxic minerals or imbalanced minerals can help to reverse health issues.

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Why Test For Minerals?

Minerals are ESSENTIAL for growth, healing, development, vitality and wellness.  As the basis “spark plugs” of living cells, minerals are crucial to nerve activity, structural integrity of our bones, balance of pH and water, enzyme reactions and digestive enzymes.

Many health conditions stem from, or are aggrevated by, mineral deficiencies. I also find mineral deficiencies common in my children clients with autism or spectrum issues.  Reversing deficiences returns wellness.

Toxic Elements

Why Test For Toxic Elements?

Toxic elements are literally that, in excess these items are detrimental to wellbeing, they are toxic.  They make us sick, cause neurological disturbances, behavioural issues, anxiety, migraines…the list goes on!  Each element is removed from the system differently – by knowing which you have we can tailor a unique and specific naturopathic treatment plan.

Hair Analysis Options

Bio-Compatibility Testing
Tests 500 foods/products,
non-invasive hair test.

Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis
Tests 15 nutritional elements and 8 toxic elements.

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