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Heal Your IBS
Gut Reset diy
online program

Are you living with a crappy gut? Suffering from bloating, pain, gas, irregular bowels & a myriad of other horrid symptoms?  GUT RESET DIY ONLINE PROGRAM is your ANSWER!

Go at your own pace through 8 weeks worth of gut healing content.  Each module stepping you through content on how to restore your gut health.   

We’re open for registrations NOW!

$495 DIY Online

You’re here because quite frankly, your gut sucks! You bounce from symptom to symptom, trigger to trigger, no idea what a “normal” gut looks like anymore.

I get it – I became a naturopath for the sole purpose of healing my IBS.  I know you’ve probably tried all sorts of things, spent money & time, but you STILL AREN’T WELL.  

That is why I built my effective gut healing protocol -the one that healed my gut and many of my clients – into an effective DIY ONLINE COURSE.  

GUT RESET is the ultimate in gut healing! It’s everything that works for my clients in clinic, delivered in easy to understand online modules.  With actionable steps and workbooks & protocol sheets to download, you’ll have all you need to get you on the path to recovery.


ONLY $495!




Short of testing for intolerances, this is the best way to determine foods that may be triggering your symptoms


understand why

Are you confused about HOW you got to this point? The course will take you through the causes of IBS so you can uncover your WHY


reduce the bloat

The program includes supplement recommendations that will soothe the bloat


make a plan forward

It’s confusing trying to work out what to do next.  Follow through the modules, step by step, will create a new plan forward


have a more reliable bowel

Sick of running to the loo? This work will heal the gut & in time return your bowels to normal


feel well again

Imagine how well you will feel having your symptoms under control?  Amazing, right?!

When gut issues rule your life..

In my 20’s IBS took over my life.  Everything I ate made me sick, my weight dropped to 37kg, I had to google toilet locations before leaving home.  All foods I ate seemed to end with excruciating pain, bloating, nausea… and a “quick exit”.  Doctors’ told me this was my “new normal” – but I believed differently!

If my leg was broken, would it not heal? Why should my gut be any different?  Fast forward to now, I’m 44 years old & IBS is no longer a part of my life! I run my naturopathic practice to help others recover from chronic gut illness, IBS & chronic fatigue – things I know all too well.

Hi, I’m Cassandra Henry, qualified naturopath and ex-IBS sufferer.  My own gut healing journey led me to become a naturopath.  I coudln’t find the answer, so I developed the answer for myself! I now use the unique healing protocol I crafted to support my clients with gut health issues.  These protocols are the basis of GUT RECOVRY, my personalised online program. 

naturopath cassandra henry gut specialist

I’ve recovered myself, and many clients, from IBS & digestive dysfunction.  Isn’t it time you were well too? I’ve crafted 2 online programs, one DIY and one personalised, as well as offering 1:1 naturopathic consults.
Let me help xo

Cassandra Henry, Qualified Naturopath & ex-IBS sufferer



8 Weeks Of learning

There are 6 weeks worth of online modules you can work through at your own pace. Each has easy to understand and implement content, with action steps you can take straight away.


resources & tools

To help you understand & unpack your gut health, I have a range of resources, workbooks & learning tools – all to support your healing journey.


bonus content

I want you to restore your gut health & live a long, happy, quality filled life! With this in mind I’ve included BONUS CONTENT focused on your self care, removing self sabotaging behaviour & healthy food relationships.  I’ve also included a recipe book, self care tracker and more! To get you well…and keep you there!


Week 1 - Digestion - what's going on?

Our first module overviews gut health, what’s gone wrong & what factors may have lead to this situation.  We will start my unique tracking to determine triggers.

Week 2 - The good, the bad & the bloat

We dive into symptoms in this module, what you may be experiencing and how to combat them.  You’ll complete the Symptom Tracker & learn tips & tricks to relieve symptoms. 

Week 3 - how to say bye to triggers

Based on the content from your first two modules, you’ll complete a food list that will show you the safe foods you should be eating vs the foods that don’t love you! 

Week 4 - The good and bad of regimes

We review popular protocols & treatment regimes, assessing if any are right for you.  This module will also review testing options and if they are a worth the investment.

Week 5- My unique gut healing protocol

In this module I’ll share with you the unique protocol I created, that healed myself and so many others, from gut issues! We discuss the phases and how to use the protocol to your advantage.

Week 6 - Deep Dive

Gut healing is more than just a protocol! This module we deep-dive into the specific nutrients, herbs & supplements you can use, creating a protocol for yourself.

Week 7 - more than digestion

Gut health is more than just what’s happening in your digestion! We’ll discuss other factors that may be impacting on your gut health & ways to combat them.

Week 8 - gut health for life

You’ve working hard to regain your gut health – let’s keep you on track!  We’ll chat about my guiding principles of keeping good health, long term.


Gut Reset includes some valuable bonus content like my…  

– 40+ page Gut Health Recipe Guide
– Self Care Workbook
– Self Sabotage ~ When Healing Isn’t Easy
– Eat for Health Module 

Yes, I’m ready! 

join gut reset diy online program

$495 for 8 weeks self paced learning



You’ll dramatically decrease your symptoms during the program.  Full healing may take a little longer, but at the end of the program you will be AMAZED how much better you feel!

Gut pain a thing of the past!

Once you know what a calm & happy gut feels like, you’ll realise how bad your gut actually was!

know your triggers & eat with confidence!

No longer feel like you “can’t eat anything’ as ‘everything’ seems to cause a bad reaction.  You’ll know with certainty what you CAN eat!

leave home without fear!

No need to check locations of the nearest loo before you leave home anymore & you’ll be able to eat out, knowing your food triggers & avoiding them.

no more rushing to the loo!

You’ll see a dramatic reduction in your bowel frequency and urgency.  No more rushing to the loo multiple times every day.

better sleep & well being!

Clients tell me how much better they sleep with a calm gut, plus having loads more energy & vitality. Added bonus, some even lose a little weight!

“In clinic I’ve helped literally hundreds of clients reverse their gut health issues & IBS, using my unique healing protocols. Not only do gut issues improve, my clients get their health & vitality back & feel like themselves again!” ~ Naturopath Cass


Healed my gut

Cass helped me Improve my health and severe gut issues when I thought no one could, after 2 years of GP visits and other appointments had gotten me no where. I wish I came to Cass first.
~ Amanda O’Dempsey

Truly Amazing

I’ve had gut issues & IBS all my life, over 25 years.  I was always sick and feeling awful but no one understood. Cass did, she’s been there and really does understand.  In just 6 weeks I had a level of health & wellness I haven’t had all my life! It’s been truly amazing. Give it a go, you won’t regret it! Thank you for everything you do for me Cass, I’m so very grateful xo
~ Christine Baggett

the solution!

I can’t recommend Cass highly enough – I was at my wits end with conventional medicine not addressing my gut & health concerns! I am still a work in progress, but there is now definitely light at the end of the tunnel which wasn’t there before. Cass really listens to your concerns/issues and works with you to get the best outcome for you…thanks Cass 🙂
~ Rachel Potter

Highly Recommend!

Highly recommend Cassandra, I’m so pleased I found her. She nailed all my imbalances from gut stuff to hormones, I sleep better & feel completely supported with Cassandra’s style of treatment and her knowledge. Thank you so much 😍🌹

~ Victoria Sutton

Treatment works!

I’ve suffered with severe gut issues (IBS) for around 16 years. I was at my wits end, no one ever gave me the help I needed. I found Cass through google, her reviews encouraged me to give her a go. I had outstanding results from her treatment in the first 2 weeks! I expected it to take months  but I thankfully responded so quickly. I highly recommend Cass, she can relate to what we go through and that is so comforting & she genuinely wants to help. Stick to her treatment rigidly, it’s worth it!
~ Christie Rixon

your questions answered

what does "diy online" mean?

This course is delivered 100% online. There is 8 weeks worth of learning included, plus bonus content, that you can work through at your own pace.  Each module has a learning video, workbook or download, and clear action steps for you to take.

Should you want more personalised support, Gut Recovery Personalised Online Program would be better for you.   

Will this solve my gut issues?

The learning I provide you in this course will definitely set you on that path!  As you know, every person is different and each person will get somewhat different results.  Overall most clients to report a marked improvement in a range of their symptoms.  You won’t completely heal your gut issues in 8 weeks (well not all of you anyway!). But my goal is for you to develop a road map back to gut health – stick to the map and you’ll get there!  Remember though that everyone is different and every body responds differently, so the level of improvement does vary between participants.  I’ve had clients report feeling normal in just a few short weeks – some take a few months. 

Are supplements included?

Supplements are not included in this program, although I will walk you through some useful options.  Should you need supplements or further support you might consider booking a private consultation with me where I can develop an individual treatment plan for you specifically.

What price is the course?

This course is only $495! That is amazing value for this amount of content.  This course started as a 4 week program, which grew to 6 weeks …and now 8 weeks …then I added the bonus content! In line with the increased course inclusions and value, the price will increase mid-2021 to $1000+, so if you sign up now you’re getting an AMAZING deal!

Is food intolerance/food trigger testing include?

No, not in this DIY format program.  If you’d like this testing you may consider doing Gut Recovery Personalised Online Program or booking a private consultation.  You can also purchase the test right here on my site, if you would like to have it done.

This testing really is the “shining star” in my clinic. I use it with great success in a wide range of conditions, particularly gut related. The reason it works so well is that it is based on your own body chemistry and your own body’s compatibility is tested against certain foods & products. There are almost 600 items of foods & household products on the test, it’s the most comprehensive on the market.  I sell this test in clinic for $315 – but it’s INCLUDED in my Gut Recovery program! 

do you offer refunds?

No. As I provide a huge amount of download-able content, all of which cannot be returned for obvious reasons, I have a strict “NO REFUNDS” policy.  You will have access to your content for as long as the program is active and you can download and save the content, so should you be unable to complete the course in one go, you can come back to it another time.

is this program suitable if i'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

No it’s not. However there’s nothing wrong with learning the gut protocol, just wait until you’ve finished breastfeeding before starting a supplement or medicine regime.  It’s best for you and bub.  So sign up now, complete the course, and activate what you learn once bub is weaned.

what ages is suitable for the course?

To access Gut Reset DIY Online Program you must be 18 years or over. Should you wish for someone under 18 to do the program, simply buy it under the supervising adult’s details and share the content with your teen.

is there support?

This course does not include support regarding the modules, treatment regimes, supplements that you should use particularly (you are provided this information to make your own informed choice).  We do offer technical support and if you are having issues please reach out, myself or a member of my team will help you asap. 

I am unable to answer any questions about your individual health, supplements for you, or create a treatment protocol for you. Legally and ethically I can only do these things for clients after performing a thorough initial consultation, as happens in clinic or in Gut Recovery Personalised Online Program.