Are you suffering with your gut? A little lost on what to do next?

Yep, I know it’s SO HARD to get the right information & make choices that get you on the path to gut healing.  You’ve probably been to all sorts of practitioners, yet your gut is still not right.  I know, because I went through that too.

That’s why I’ve used my effective in-clinic gut healing protocol to create an online health TRANSFORMATION that will reset your gut health and have you feeling great again! And it’s so much easier than you think!



have a grumpy gut

You suffer from bloating, pain, cramps, gas & various other gut symptoms


are afraid of food

Not knowing which foods are the triggers makes it so confusing, you have no idea what to eat anymore.


suffer from food triggers

Your symptoms are so many or so frequent, it hard to tell what the culprit was!


have an unreliable bowel

You vary from explosive diarhoea to constipation & back again. Or maybe all one or the other? Either way, it’s not normal.


are embarassed by the bloat

Clothes don’t fit well & your so uncomfortable! (ever been mistaken for pregnant? yep, me too!).


fear dining out or leaving home

Not knowing where a loo is fills you with fear & dining out is frankly just too hard.

When gut issues rule your life..

In my 20’s IBS took over my life.  Everything I ate made me sick, my weight dropped to 37kg, I had to google toilet locations before leaving home.  All foods I ate seemed to end with excruciating pain, bloating, nausea… and a “quick exit”.  Doctors’ told me this was my “new normal” – but I believed differently!

If my leg was broken, would it not heal? Why should my gut be any different?  Fast forward to now, I’m 44 years old & IBS is no longer a part of my life! I run my naturopathic practice to help others recover from chronic gut illness, IBS & chronic fatigue – things I know all too well.

Hi, I’m Cassandra Henry, qualified naturopath and ex-IBS sufferer.  My own gut healing journey led me to become a naturopath.  I coudln’t find the answer, so I developed the answer for myself! I now use the unique healing protocol I crafted to support my clients with gut health issues.  These protocols are the basis of GUT RECOVRY, my personalised online program. 

Isn’t it time you were well too? 
Let me help you!

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Kick Start Consult

This is why my program works! A deep dive consultation with me into your gut health. My proven treatment protocols applied to your unique gut health condition. (*supplements, if required, are additional)


Review Consultation

During the 6 week program you receive a follow up consultation  where I review your health progress & provide further 1:1 recommendations.


Bio compatibility testing

Find your compatibility with almost 600 different foods & products.  Absolute SHINING STAR for gut health & IBS in my clinic! (valued at $315).  


15% off Supplements

Should you require supplements during the program, I can prescribe these for you using a “deliver to your home” service with a 15% VIP Gut Client discount!


8 Weeks Of Support

During the program you’ll be in my Gut Recovery facebook group, benefiting from weekly live training & activation sessions as well email support.


resources & tools

To help you understand & unpack your gut health, I have a range of resources, workbooks & learning tools – all to support your healing journey.


LiVe well for life

I’m all about long-term change, so I provide you recipe books, food & mood journals, guided meditation and more, all to ensure you can reset your gut health and make a lasting change.


24/7 Email Support

Not only can you contact me via our private Facebook Group anytime you need me, you also have 27/4 email access! Any questions, just drop me a line, anytime!


We start in January 2021! Places are limited – secure your spot now!



You’ll dramatically decrease your symptoms during the program.  Full healing may take a little longer, but at the end of the program you will be AMAZED how much better you feel!

Gut pain a thing of the past!

Once you know what a calm & happy gut feels like, you’ll realise how bad your gut actually was!

know your triggers & eat with confidence!

No longer feel like you “can’t eat anything’ as ‘everything’ seems to cause a bad reaction.  You’ll know with certainty what you CAN eat!

leave home without fear!

No need to check locations of the nearest loo before you leave home anymore & you’ll be able to eat out, knowing your food triggers & avoiding them.

no more rushing to the loo!

You’ll see a dramatic reduction in your bowel frequency and urgency.  No more rushing to the loo multiple times every day.

better sleep & well being!

Clients tell me how much better they sleep with a calm gut, plus having loads more energy & vitality. Added bonus, some even lose a little weight!

“In clinic I’ve helped literally hundreds of clients reverse their gut health issues & IBS, using my unique healing protocols. Not only do gut issues improve, my clients get their health & vitality back & feel like themselves again!” ~ Naturopath Cass


Highly Recommend!

Highly recommend Cassandra, I’m so pleased I found her. She nailed all my imbalances from gut stuff to hormones, I sleep better & feel completely supported with Cassandra’s style of treatment and her knowledge. Thank you so much 😍🌹

~ Victoria Sutton

Treatment works!

I’ve suffered with severe gut issues (IBS) for around 16 years. I was at my wits end, no one ever gave me the help I needed. I found Cass through google, her reviews encouraged me to give her a go. I had outstanding results from her treatment in the first 2 weeks! I expected it to take months  but I thankfully responded so quickly. I highly recommend Cass, she can relate to what we go through and that is so comforting & she genuinely wants to help. Stick to her treatment rigidly, it’s worth it!
~ Christie Rixon

Healed my gut

Cass helped me Improve my health and severe gut issues when I thought no one could, after 2 years of GP visits and other appointments had gotten me no where. I wish I came to Cass first.
~ Amanda O’Dempsey

Truly Amazing

I’ve had gut issues & IBS all my life, over 25 years.  I was always sick and feeling awful but no one understood. Cass did, she’s been there and really does understand.  In just 6 weeks I had a level of health & wellness I haven’t had all my life! It’s been truly amazing. Give it a go, you won’t regret it! Thank you for everything you do for me Cass, I’m so very grateful xo
~ Christine Baggett

the solution!

I can’t recommend Cass highly enough – I was at my wits end with conventional medicine not addressing my gut & health concerns! I am still a work in progress, but there is now definitely light at the end of the tunnel which wasn’t there before. Cass really listens to your concerns/issues and works with you to get the best outcome for you…thanks Cass 🙂
~ Rachel Potter

your questions answered

what does "personalised online" mean?

This course is a combo of consultations (via skype, zoom or phone) and online content.  We start the program with a Kick Start consultation which is a deep dive into your gut health history.  We have a follow up consultation toward the end of the 6 weeks to ensure you know how to move forward when the program ends.  

The online component includes a weekly LIVE in our private facebook group, where I walk you through my gut healing protocol step by step.  There is also a Q&A session so you can have your questions answered.  My course includes videos, downloadable content, workbooks and more, all crafted for your gut recovery journey!


Will this solve my gut issues?

That is my goal! The testing we do is very specific and creates a personalised diet of foods that suit your body.  Following this diet allows your body to get the right fuel it needs, whilst healing the gut.  By the end of the program my clients note great improvements in symptoms like bloating, pain, bowel frequency & consistency, reduced headaches & most are sleeping better. Some also lose weight, which can be a nice little bonus! Remember though that everyone is different and every body responds differently, so the level of improvement does vary between participants. 

Are supplements included?

Supplements are not included in this program, although can be beneficial.  The benefit of our Kick Start Consultation means I can dispense practitioner-only therapeutic grade supplements, should you need them.  I pass on my wholesale discount to you & any supplements purchased during the program are at a 15% discount.  I’m here to help you, not profit from supplements. 

If I do recommend supplements for your individual treatment protocol, it is entirely at your discretion whether or not you want to purchase them.  Clients get great improvement without supplements, but I do find the results happen faster with supplemental support in many instances.

What price is the course?

The November 2020 intake of my program is 6 weeks long, due to Christmas coming up so fast!   I have really limited numbers for the November course to ensure I can focus on each and every one of you.  For the November program I have a REALLY SPECIAL PRICE for the course – this program is normally $1495, but for November ONLY it’s only $895.  I doubt I’ll run at this price again. But in light of 2020 and the year it’s been (and it’s been a year) I felt we all needed a bonus!

What is Biocompatibility testing?

This testing really is the “shining star” in my clinic. I use it with great success in a wide range of conditions, particularly gut related. The reason it works so well is that it is based on your own body chemistry and your own body’s compatibility is tested against certain foods & products. There are almost 600 items of foods & household products on the test, it’s the most comprehensive on the market.  I sell this test in clinic for $315 – but it’s INCLUDED in my Gut Recovery program! 

do you offer refunds?

No. As I perform a Bio Compatibility Test on your behalf and provide a huge amount of downloadable content, all of which cannot be returned for obvious reasons, I have a strict “NO REFUNDS” policy.  Should you be unable to complete the course due to personal circumstances please reach out to me directly and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

is this program suitable if i'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

No it’s not. Please wait until  you’ve finished breast feeding before starting a gut healing protocol.  It’s best for you and bub.

what ages is suitable for the course?

Anyone under 18 needs parental approval, however I use this gut healing protocol extensively with kids & teens, as well as adults, in clinic with great success.  So it’s up to the parent if they want their child to participate.  The test is perfect for kids as it’s a small hair snip from the ends and not an invasive blood test.

What is 24/7 Email support?

Program participants are able to contact me via email, day or night! You’ll have a private email address and you can send through any queries or questions.  I answer all messages received, between my usual business hours of 9am – 5pm Tuesday to Friday, eastern standard time.

Even though I've been helping clients recover from gut issues for over 8 years now, I still get such happiness from their health improvements!
When a client can say "MY GUT IS THE BEST IT'S EVER BEEN", after how sick they were when you started working with them, you can't help but feel a gush of happiness!
This is why I do what I do... so I can help people like this 😍💕 So grateful I can share health and healing xx
Naturopath ~ Cass

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Immunity is on our minds this morning. Thanks to my clients who've called and emailed asking about how I can help you.

I've put together a little blog post of simple things you can do to support your immune system, including nutrients that are helpful, herbs that I use - and my Pantry Immune Tea (that's right, you'll have all you need right there at home in the pantry!).

Here's a few other ways I can help you right now:

🌻 I've reopened my Acute Immune Support Consultations - only $50 for a 20min phone consult & I can prescribe naturopathic practitioner only supps & herbal medicine (that I will courier to your home for free!).

🌻 Immune Support Packs - my immune support packs are back; they have a Custom Herbal Medicine 200ml or 500ml, Immune Support Supplement & medicinal herbal tea blend. I can also add other supplements as needed, like vitamin C, zinc or vit D.

🌻 Immune Herbs for Kids - I'm ready to go with a new batch of my kids immune herbs! Kids love my blend, it tastes great AND it works!

🌻 New Herbal Teas - I have my URTI Tea, Cold & Flu Tea & Fever Tea for Kids ready to go 🤩 Batched up freshly when ordered, delivered straight to your door.

Reach out should you need anything via a PM or email me at

Stay well my friends

Naturopath ~ Cass xo

** please note that herbs, supplements & prescription products are available only via consultation. My teas & tea packs are available to order with or without a consultation.

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Thank you to all my gorgeous clients, friends and family who wished us well for our wedding last week! It’s hard to believe after all the planning and waiting, it’s done and dusted, a week ago already!

I’m pleased to say we had a magic day with perfect weather, couldn’t have asked for more 💕

@paul_duffill and I are so grateful for your kindness and well wishes. Thanks to all the suppliers and venue for making our day magic 💫🥂

And I look forward to coming back to consults next week. I’m back to work from Tues 23rd March 😊🙏

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Spent yesterday doing the online modules, today I’m off to first aid training refresher. Just what you want to do the week you get married lol

Did you guys know naturopaths have to do this every year? I did have a client go into a diabetic hypo once during a consult, but apart from that, I’ve luckily never needed the training...

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Afternoon pick me up! Oat milk chai pudding. Healthy and sooo yummy! Great for breakfast, a batch lasts me 3 days, I just too with a different fruit to serve 🍉🍇🥝

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Happy International Women’s Day 💕🙏

Thank you to the strong, empowered women in my life. May we all continue to walk through this world letting our light shine 🌟

And on the days when we aren’t so strong, thank you for holding one another up. 🙏


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Reminder ~ Health Haven is closed from tomorrow for the next two weeks... because next Saturday I’ll be getting married 💕.

An amazing man I get to call my husband, and a gorgeous venue to host our wedding. We are so blessed 🙏

I’m back to consults March 22nd and won’t be contactable, as I’m taking a ‘real’ break.

Thank you all for you kind wishes, calls and thoughtful gifts and flowers this week. It means so much to us 🙏

See you in a couple of weeks x
Naturopath Cass 🌸

@paul_duffill @austinvilla_estate
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Two industry guns in one image!


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So lucky to have the amazing Claire sharing with us tonight, live from Melbourne.


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