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gi map gut testing

More than just a test – full naturopathic support from the gut specialist naturopath.


I know you’re here looking for the answer for your grump gut – I get it, because I’ve been there.  IBS is now in my past, I look forward to helping you say the same!  I’ve paired the BEST microbiome test on the market with two naturopathic consultations, so you can be on the path to wellness.  After all, what good are results, without the expertise to interpret and utilise them?

For many years I was not an advocate of gut microbiome testing – they were unreliable, expensive and frankly, a waste of money (IMO).  Until GI Map!  This test is the most comprehensive microbiome test on the market, delivered by a quality Australian company.  The results are comprehensive – gut markers, pathogens, bacteria, fungi – as well as microbiome.  Scroll down for a link to a sample test, you’ll be impressed by what it covers.

My GI Map Test Package includes:

Your personal GI Map Test with full report of results (see sample below)

1 x Comprehensive Initial Consultation via telehealth *up to 1hr duration

1 x Follow Up Consultation via telehealth *up to 30mins duration

These consultations allow me to deep-dive into your health issues, creating a custom naturopathic treatment plan to get you on the path to healing!

gi map test package


GI Map is the ONLY test I trust for gut health & microbiome mapping.  Delivered to naturopaths but an Australian company, their results are an eye-opening insight into your gut health.

The package includes 2 consultations, so we can set you on the path to good gut health.  What is the point of getting results, if you don’t know the right way to utilise them for your best health outcomes?

GI Map Test kit – posted Australia wide, direct to your home
Initial Consultation (telehealth) –
a deep dive into your health & symptoms, to craft a treatment protocol for you.
Follow Up Consultation (telehealth) –
a review consult once results are received to ensure you’re on the right track.

Total Package cost $650

So tell me, would fixing your gut health improve your life & wellbeing? If the answer is YES – this is the package for you!

GI Map Testing is recommended for people with – chronic & acute gastroenteritis, IBD, IBS, Auto immune diseases, SIBO, suspected h.pylori, fungal or yeast infections, bacterial or parasitic infections, intestinal permeability / leaky gut, viral pathogens.

GI Map takes the guess work out of your digestive illness so you can make a clear path forward to health and wellness. 

Do you struggle with gut issues, IBS, IBD, SIBO, bloating or other digestive symptoms? Bacterial, viral or pathogenic infections?  Leaky gut or intestinal permeability? Gut symptoms like bloating, pain or diarrhoea?

This is EXACTLY why GI Map was created – to help someone like you!


Pricing & Costs

This package costs $650 and includes

– GI Map Test, posted to you & return postage to lab

– Initial Consult via telehealth including treatment plan

-Follow up Consult via telehealth including treatment plan

– does not include cost of supplements, medicines or herbals, if required (all treatment plans are recommendations only, medicines at client discretion)

what elements are included in the gi map test?

This link will open a sample report of the GI Map test results >>> SAMPLE


The test is a stool based test that is performed in the comfort of your own home.  We post the kit to you once you’ve booked, and it includes reply paid information (paid for) directly back to the testing lab.  

The sample

Full instructions are included with phone numbers you can call should you need help.

can you discount the package for family members/seniors?

The package price is great value, including the comprehensive test and 2 consultations with a qualified naturopath. For this reason we are unable to offer additional discounts.

do I have to take the treatment plan recommendations?

No you don’t.  Most people do, as it assists in them getting well. However you can request for no treatment plan to be generated, or for a generic treatment plan to be generated (generic = we recommend treatment medications broadly such as “probiotics”, instead of a custom plan that will recommend specific brands/products that we can dispense to you).  Any medications, supplements or herbal medicines are an additional cost, and at your discretion.

View Sample Report

Click the button to download a sample report. It shows you the complete test results of GI Map. 

Order gi map test package here

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