This week I’ve had two little people laid up for the last few days with fevers and high temperatures. Apart from being a little snotty, my kids seemed well enough (I have the happiest little sick people!) so I simply supported them through using a few natural options.  But please be sure to always monitor kids with fevers, and seek medical help if the fever persists or if other symptoms present. Fever itself is the body’s natural defense, used to fight off bacterial or viral infection.  Given its a natural process, it’s helpful to let nature take it’s course as much as possible and let the immune system do it’s work. While this happens, there’s some natural alternatives we can use to help support our kids through a fever.

Here’s a few pointers:

  1. Hydration – keep fluids and water up while the temperature persists. If you child has decreased appetite, soups and bone broth are good options.
  2. Bathing – soaking in a luke warm bath (not hot, not cold) is helpful to comfort the child and to manage the temperature.
  3. Wet socks & facewasher – wet a pair of socks in cold water and place on the child’s feet.  A cold wet facewasher over the forehead is also helpful.
  4. Cool packs – always helpful to have a cool pack in the freezer when you have kids.  Wrap a facewasher or hand towel around it (don’t apply directly to skin).  Use on the forehead, temples or behind the neck.
  5. Essential oils – particularly good if the kids have headaches or sore ears, rub a little lavender or peppermint essential oil (mixed into a little base oil) behind their ears.  Be sure you check age and dosage requirements for child, as not all essential oils are suitable for children.
  6. Kids Fever Tea – make up a batch and keep it cool in the fridge.  It can be given by the teaspoon (see dosages below) or diluted in a water bottle and sipped.  Kids Fever Tea can be purchased from Health Haven Naturopathy or our brand, Health Blends.  This tea can also be frozen into ice blocks or ice cubes for kids to suck on.

Health Blends Kids Fever Tea – kids love the bright colour and citrus flavour of our Fever Tea, high in vitamin C and full of immune boosting, pathogen busting herbs!

How to Use Kids Fever Tea:

Steep 1 teaspoon in a cup of boiling water.  Cover and let infuse for at least 10 mins.  Strain & retain the tea.  Can be used warm or kept cool in the fridge. To make a larger batch, add a good tablespoon or two to a mason jar & fill with boiling water.  Cover and let sit, minimal 30 mins, but 4 hours to overnight is awesome if you can afford the time. How To Use – for babies & kids under 12 months of age, give 1 teaspoon every 1-3 hours; kids up to 2 years can have 2 teaspoons every 1-3 hours; kids 2 years plus can have 1/4 cup every 1-3 hours.  You can add a little stir of manuka honey to sweeten if your child likes, particularly useful if they have a sore throat too.  TIP – make the herbal tea infusion really strong and freeze into ice blocks, or in a gelatin base to make fever fighting gummies!

(To make your own Kids Fever Tea – herbs like lemon balm, chamomile, elder flowers, peppermint, hibiscus are good choices, but don’t use peppermint in kids under 12 months of age).