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What Is Included In A Consultation?

We have a variety of consultations to suit your needs an budget.  Our Naturopathic Consultations are 60-90min duration and include:
– comprehensive case taking
– naturopathic diagnostics (nail, face, tongue, zinc tally, BP, blood glucose)
– a unique treatment plan crafted for you

You may also include a consultation that includes Live Blood Screening, Iridology and/or a Written Wellness Report detailing your testing results & treatment protocol.

What Does It Cost?

Please visit our online booking portal to view our current pricing.  We offer a variety of consultations, from $125, dependant upon inclusions and duration.  Children receive special pricing.

How Often Will I Come Back?

Our aim is to get you feeling better as soon as possible! Generally your first follow up consultation is 2 weeks after your Initial Consultation.  After this we consult based upon your needs and condition, generally every 4-8 weeks.

What Consultation Should I Choose?

New Patients – If you are a new patient, you need to select one of our Initial Consultation options. We have Standard 60min Consultation & Comprehensive 90min Consultation options.

Existing Patients – if you are attending the clinic for subsequent appointments select Follow Up Consultations.  We offer 30min, 45min and 60min Follow Up Consultations.

It is your choice of duration and inclusions.  We charge based on time so please do be aware that should you select a certain consultation (ie 30min) and your appointment runs over time, we do charge $35/15min block. Due to forward bookings we cannot always accommodate extra time.

How Do I Have A Live Blood Screening?

New Patients – please select an Initial Consultation type that includes Live Blood Screening (you will find this detail on our booking portal, click “book online” in the header).  

Existing Patients – we can perform Live Blood Reviews in any consultation of 45min or more duration, for an additional fee of $49 on top of your consultation cost. This includes a 2 page report including your live blood images.

We do not offer stand-alone Live Blood Consultations, it is utilised as part of our naturopathic consultaitons.


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