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E-Consultations allow naturopathic treatment to be accessible to anyone, anywhere.  Different to our Distance Consultations, our E-Consultations utilise our propriatary online platform, without the need to schedule a time to speak to us via phone or skype.  Perfect for shift workers, FIFO employess, or any client who requires an “outside of hours” consultation.  After purchasing your E-Consultation you’ll receive access to the online consultation platform.

Our E-Consultations are as comprehensive as any of our naturopathic services, taking a full health history as well as reviewing any pathology and blood work, and performing naturopathic diagnostics (we get you to upload or email images of your tongue, iris & nails for review).  Once our naturopath has assessed your E-Consultation, you will receive an email with any questions that need clarification, then full treatment recommendations and naturopathic prescription.  Any herbs and supplements you need for your prescription can either be sourced by you locally using the script we provide, or we can send these items to you.  E-Consultations are a very convenient way to receive the naturopathic care you need!  Any time, day or night, you can undertake an E-Consultation.  So what are you waiting for? Book your E-Consultation now!



You’ll have access into our online E-Consultation platform. Here you will complete our consult questionaire, input your health history and symptoms, upload images for naturopathic diagnosis as well as any pathology & testing results for review.  There’s areas for general information too, to ensure you can tell us everything you need to, about your health & wellbeing.


After booking your E-Consultation we send you a document detailing the imaging we require to review for naturopathic diagnosis purposes – tongue, nail & iris images.   Don’t worry, these images are very easy to take, simply on your phone or device.

Images can be uploaded to the system or emailed to us. Our naturopath will review them as part of your consultation.


Our naturopath will review and assess your E-Consultation, contacting you directly if we require any further information.  We will then develop a treatment plan for you, focused toward your health issues and wellbeing goals.  You will receive the treatment plan, including naturopathic script, via email for review.


Health haven has a complete naturopathic dispensary on site.  We can provide the herbal medicine & supplements required for you treatment, posting them to you. Or you can take the script we provide to a local naturopath (some chemists may also dispense) to have the prescription filled.

E-Consultations are a convenient option, suitable for Australian residents and International clients alike.  Cass, our naturopath, currently treats clients throughout Australia & the outback, New Zealand, the UK, Africa, India and Dubai. So where ever you are, we can support your health journey!


New Health Haven Client?

Your first consultation is an Initial Consultation, that is a full health appraisal online.  This appointment will include iridology & naturopathic diagnostics via image upload.

E Consultation Initial – $195

E-Consultations are paid at the time of booking, to provide you access to our online consulation portal.  We cannot refund E-Consultations for change of mind.

Existing Health Haven Client?

Subsequent consultations are known as Follow Up Consultations.  The length of your E-Consultation varies dependant upon the amount of information you input. 

E-Consultation Follow Up – $165

E-Consultations are paid at the time of booking, to provide you access to our online consulation portal.  We cannot refund E-Consultations for change of mind.

Specialised Consultations

Here are some other consultation types our clients find useful. 

Family Consultations – +$65/+$95

Add a family member to your E-Consultation for an additional $95 per adult, $65 per child. 

E-Consultations are paid at the time of booking, to provide you access to our online consulation portal.  We cannot refund E-Consultations for change of mind.

What Will My Consult Cost?

Your Initial E-Consultation will cost $195 and take between 1/2 hour to 1 hour to complete online.  You will receive notification of the successful completion of your E-Consultation. We require up to 3 working days to process your E-Consultation and provide you with a treatment plan and naturopathic prescription. Follow Up Consultations cost $165.  

Family Bonus – add an adult family member to your E-Consultation for the discounted price of $95, or add a child to your consult for $65.  These people must be members of your immediate family (in your household, your spouse or child).  There is no limit on the number of family members you can add to the E-Consultation, but they do need to be added before the Initial E-Consultation is held (we cannot add family members at the discounted rate after you’ve accessed the online portal, only before).


What Support Will I Have? 

You are not alone! We provide you with phone and email contact for both our naturopath & the clinic, should you need it.  We are very happy to answer a reasonable number of relevant questions in between consultations.  Any new issues need to be discussed in consult and we do not answer messages outside of clinic hours.  If your question is outside the scope of your consultation or treatment plan we will ask you to retain the query til your next appointment.  We thank you for your kind courtesy in this regard.


How Often Do I Need To Book In?

After your Initial Consultation yourfirst Follow Up is generally in 2 weeks.   Cass’s aim is to get you on a suitable healing protocol, that will allow for lengthened times between appointments, as soon as we can. For simpler health concerns, positive results can be obtained more quickly, but chronic issues can take longer.  We will always be upfront with you about the length of time we expect it to take before you see improvements and will work with you to devise the best schedule to suit your individual needs.   Save

Is There A Guarantee? 

We’d love to say YES, but that’s just not the truth of the matter unfortunately!  The large majority of our clients acheive increased wellness and a bettering of their symptoms or condition, but this depends on a number of factors including your body’s capacity for repair and your own ability to adhere to the treatment plan we devise. Everyone is different and we aim to acheive a better level of wellbeing for each and every client.  


How Long Til I Get Better? 

That is something we really can’t answer, it really depends upon your health issue, how well you adhere to the treatment plan, and how quickly your body repairs.  We do aim to provide symptomatic relief, so we’d expect some bettering of symptoms in the initial weeks of treatment.  We will give you an idea of how long treatment will take, as part of your treatment plan. 


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