How do you know your naturopath (or any natural health practitioner for that matter) isn’t rogue?  You are putting your health and wellbeing in their hands. Do you know they are what they claim to be? With the recent arrest of the self-proclaimed “naturopath” in Sydney (note, she wasn’t at all, she was actually a mid-wife) the spot light is on our naturopathic profession right now.

Don’t trust your wellness to just anyone claiming to be a naturopath. Ask questions, check qualifications, be sure they are who they say they are.

With so many personal trainers, party planners or MLM’s (think isagenix, JuicePlus, HerbalLife, DoTerra…the list goes on..) claiming to be nutritionists, naturopath’s, health coaches, wellness coaches…it can be confusing and hard to choose a qualified and experienced practitioner.

Here’s some tips to help you check if you naturopath is what they claim to be:

  1. Are they qualified? More than telling you they are, will they show you their qualification; provide you the name of the institute where they studied?
  2. Is the college or university Australian? (it’s way too easy to get a piece of paper online these days from any mickey mouse style school overseas) Did they perform actual CLINIC HOURS on actual PEOPLE, under the supervision of experienced practitioners?
  3. Do they have current association membership and insurance? (it’s illegal to practice in Australia without it).
  4. ARONAH – is your practitioner a member of the Australian regulatory board for naturopaths? ARONAH have VERY stringent acceptance criteria ensuring only those with exceptional qualifications and the right level/type of insurance are part of the register. Pick a member of ARONAH to ensure your naturopath isn’t rogue!

If your naturopath won’t answer these questions or gets annoyed when you asked, move on my friend! Find another practitioner asap!

As for me, let me answer these questions for you:

  1. Yes, I am fully qualified under Australian regulations and standards to practice naturopathy.
  2. Yes, I studied at two high profile Australian institutions – Endeavour College of Natural Health and Australian Institute of Applied Science.
  3. Yes, I am a full practicing member of Complementary Medicine Association, I am fully insured and update my first aid and CPR annually.
  4. Yes, I am a member of ARONAH as I believe in quality naturopaths and registration for naturopaths to ensure quality in the services delivered.

Have questions? Feel free to email or call me to chat and see how I can help you with naturopathy to achieve your very best wellness!