Distance Consultations

Naturopathic treatment wherever you are, by phone, skype or email


Distance Consultations are a convenient option, available via phone, skype or email.  Cass currently treats clients who live in rural Australia, interstate, and overseas.  Phone based consultations are also useful for our local clients when they feel too unwell to attend the clinic in person.  Distance Consultations are available any days or times the clinic is open, with the added benefit of evening appointments on Wednesdays & Fridays.

A Distance Naturopathic Consultation is the same as our other consultations, with a full comprehensive appointment complete with individual treatment plan.  We post the items required for your naturopathic script to you, or can provide a naturopathic script you can have filled locally. 

To make naturopathic care affordable and accessible, Cass offers Family Consultations also, where she can assess and treat multiple members of your family in the one consultation. If this suits you, please just ask us for more information.



Initial Consultations are a full 1 hour, comprehensive health review.  We discuss your signs, symptoms, health issues & relevant health history.  Detailed questions help us uncover the “why” of your health issue, to aid in developing a treatment plan that works.


Consultations include a variety of naturopathic diagnostics which generally include iridology, tongue / nail / face signs, and may include blood sugar reading, zinc tally test, urine analysis & blood pressure. Distance clients send photos of their iris, nail & tongue before their appointment.


At the end of your consultation a treatment plan is developed for you, which may include herbal medicine, supplements, diet advice, lifestyle advice and pathology requests.  Any script is a recommendation and we work with you to fit your needs & budget.


We offer a comprehensive dispensary for our distance clients.  Items required for your naturopathic prescription are dispensed, safely packaged, and posted to you.  We post Australia wide and overseas, using the most cost effective option available.

Health Haven Naturopath Cassandra Henry is registered with all private health funds in Australia.  We accept payment via direct deposit, paypal or credit card over the phone.  Please check with your fund regarding health rebate for distance consultations.


New Health Haven Client?

Your first consultation is an Initial Consultation, that is a full health appraisal which will require one hour.  This appointment will include iridology & naturopathic diagnostics. 

Distance Initial Consultation – $170

Upon booking your Distance Initial Consultation we require credit card details to confirm the booking.  Full payment for the consultation is charged 48hrs before your appointment. You can also choose to be invoiced and pay via paypal or direct debit. Full payment is required 48hrs before the consultation.

Existing Health Haven Client?

Subsequent consultations are known as Follow Up Consultations.  These appointments can vary in length, dependant upon the current state of your health. 

Distance Follow Up 30-45min – $135-150

We have a firm cancellation policy. Should we contact you for the appointment & you’re not there (no-show) or you cancel with less than 24hrs notice, you will be charged the full fee. 

Specialised Consultations

We often treat entire families via distance, at the same time! In this case we often discount children and multiple family members.  Please ask for a quote if you require a family based service.

What Will My Distance Consult Cost?

Your initial consultation will cost $170, your follow up consultations are generally 45min and cost $150, although we do offer short/acute appointments as needed, at a reduced rate.  Your treatment plan will generally include herbal medicine and / or supplements, so you should allow additional funds for this purpose.

Cass, our naturopath, is focused on creating a treatment plan for your individual health needs, that is both effective and affordable.  You will always be asked if you are happy with the plan and any associated costs, before anything is dispensed for you.  Cass is budget conscious and will always work to your financial requirements.


What Support Will I Have? 

In your Initial Consultation you will be given phone and email contact for Cass & the clinic, should you need it.  Cass is very happy to answer a reasonable number of relevant questions, in between consultations.  Any new issues need to be discussed in consult and we do not answer messages outside of clinic hours.  If your question is outside the scope of your consultation or treatment plan we will ask you to retain the query til your next appointment.  We thank you for your kind courtesy in this regard.


How Often Do I Need To Book In?

After your Initial Consultation yoru first Follow Up is generally in 2 weeks.  At this appointment we will decide together, based upon your health progress or set backs, on when to time the next appointment.  Cass’s aim is to get you on a suitable healing protocol, that will allow for lengthened times between appointments, as soon as we can. For simpler health concerns, positive results can be obtained more quickly, but chronic issues can take longer.  We will always be upfront with you about the length of time we expect it to take before you see improvements and will work with you to devise the best schedule to suit your individual needs.   Save

Is There A Guarantee? 

We’d love to say YES, but that’s just not the truth of the matter unfortunately!  The large majority of our clients acheive increased wellness and a bettering of their symptoms or condition, but this depends on a number of factors including your body’s capacity for repair and your own ability to adhere to the treatment plan we devise. Everyone is different and we aim to acheive a better level of wellbeing for each and every client.  


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