Ready to uncover your food incompatibilities?

Pesonalised Nutrition is the key to unlock good health for every person, individually.  This test is the key! 



The absolute GAME-CHANGER in my clinic for IBS, gut health, chronic health issues, skin conditions, kids health & food reactivity.  Based on a small hair sample (from the ends, not scalp), it’s completely non-invasive ~ perfect for adults & kids alike.  The test assesses over 500 items for compatibility with your own body.   This creates your own Personalised Nutrition Plan.

Results are received in 10 days, in a comprehensive report via email. You follow your Personalise Nutrition Plan for 6 months while you support the body to heal (naturopath consultations are great to have during this period).

IN PERSON – this test can be ordered at any consultation, a small hair sample taken on the spot.

DISTANCE – I can post a testing kit anywhere in Australia, simply order a kit here online


Pricing & Costs

This test costs $315 and includes your sample delivered to the testing facility, and a comprehensive report of results delivered via email.  This price DOES NOT INCLUDE a naturopathic consultation or report of results.  Packages including consultations are available on the bookings page.

There is a “Baby List” which includes formula, baby foods and other baby related products. This test is $365. Should you require this test please email us directly.


what foods & products are included?

Below is an image showing a sample of the report. If you click on that image it will open a sample version of the entire report.  Please note the test is always changing and being further developed, so food inclusions do change without notice.  There are a huge range of foods included – for example, the “tomato” element of the test includes over 40 different speicies! So it’s very comprehensive. 

how do we do the test?

When you order your test kit here ensure your address is correct.   We will post you a Test Kit within 3 working days of your order being received (paid).  We do not send kits until payment is received.  You will receive from us via post the following – a brochure about the test, a flyer/letter showing you the size sample of hair to take; a zip lock sample bag with your name/date of birth/practitioners name (Cassandra Henry, this test can only be ordered by a qualified naturopath); and a reply paid envelope.  Simply take the hair sample, seal it in the sample bag, enclose in the reply paid envelope and post.  The results take approximately 10 working days once received at the testing centre.

If doing multiple tests for family members – please ensure you put ONLY ONE person’s hair in each sample bag and that you ensure the sample is labelled with the correct persons name.  The only exception to this is breastfeeding babies, where we combine mum and bubs hair to get a comprehensive dual result.


The hair sample

Unlike other tests, this test uses a small piece of hair from the end (about 1cm x 2cm clump).  It can be from one piece, or made up of multiple smaller pieces.  The test can also use facial or pubic hair, if head hair is not available.  Usually the test can use saliva also but due to Covid this option is currently not available.

hair quality (coloured, cut, clean etc)

Please ensure the hair sample is clean (washed in the last 48hrs is adequate).  The hair can be coloured, dyed or otherwise altered, it will not affect the results.

What type of tests do you have?

This listing is for the Australian food list.  There are also lists for Babies (who aren’t on solid food yet), as well as some specific region/cuisine such as Indian, Asian etc.  Should you require a specific list for another region please email us directly for pricing.  

How do I use the results?

The test reveals the foods & products that suit you & those that don’t. For a period of 6 months you should follow the results, consuming & using the products that have tested compatible with your body.  You should consider supporting the healing of your condition during this time, either via naturopathic support or another healing modality you prefer.

Discounts & family orders

As this test runs via an external company there are no discounts for multiple purchases or multiple tests in the one family.  

Is this allergy testing?

NO THIS TEST IS NOT ALLERGY TESTING.  This is better explained as intolerances or sensitivities.  If you consider a spectrum of reaction, allergies are those elements of a strong, immediate reaction (let’s say the top 10-20%).  This test is looking for the lower range of reaction (lets say the range below 80%). 

REGARDING ALLERGIES – our naturopath Cassandra is anaphylactic (to nuts, seafood & mango) and as an experienced allergy-sufferer, she recommends that if ALLERGIES ARE SUSPECTED you obtain specific allergy testing (ie, the ‘skin prick’ test). Allergy results can be COMBINED with these hair test results, for a comprehensive overview.   We do not offer allergy testing through the clinic, it is best obtained via your GP, where some may be bulk billed.

Compatibility Report


How to read the report:

– every item on the report has been TESTED for you

– items in BLACK TEXT were tested as COMPATIBLE (ie non inflammatory)

– items in RED TEXT were tested as INCOMPATIBLE (ie inflammatory)

– items in BROWN TEXT (a rare result) are HIGHLY INCOMPATIBLE and may be best left out of your diet long term.


View Sample Report

Click the button to download a sample report. It shows you all the foods & products tested, the useful tracking pages, and some information from the testing facility about how the test is conducted.  This is the actual style of report you will receive, delivered directly to your inbox!


We post test kits daily Australia wide. Please be patient as mail is slow currently.