Clinic Consultations

Face-to-face in our relaxing consultation rooms on the Gold Coast


Naturopath ~ Cassandra Henry

Our aim is to support you to achieve your health and wellness goals.  We specialise in chronic illness recovery and children’s health.

At Health Haven we pride ourselves on offering you a comfortable, relaxing and supportive healing environment. Your health is our priority and our goal is your wellness.

  • We believe in taking the time to really listen to your wellness history & health concerns. Understanding your health journey allows us to develop the optimum treatment protocol for you. 
  • Using on-site diagnostic equipment allows us to thoroughly assess your health status and make appropriate recommendations
  • Effective and affordable use of functional testing, pathology, herbal medicines & supplements is a priority for us.
  • We believe your health is a team effort & we develop your treatment plan with your input, and with consideration for your lifestyle, requirements & budget.

Ultimately we want you to live your healthiest life! Book a consultation or call the clinic to make a booking.


Our Naturopathic Consultations begin with you completing some basic paperwork, before meeting with our Naturopath.  Our naturopath will greet you and take you to the consultation room.  Here we will:

  • Ask about your primary health concern and what brought you to the clinic today
  • We will ask questions about your health in general, including your health history, digestive health, sleep patterns, diet and lifestyle.  What we ask will depend upon your presenting condition.
  • Naturopathic Diagnostics are performed including tongue, nails, face and tongue signs.  Dependant upon your health condition we may also check you blood pressure, blood glucose and / or zinc status.
  • If you have booked a consultation that includes them, we will next perform iridology and a live blood screening.  We will show you on the monitor & describe the findings for you.
  • The consultation draws to a close with a discussion about the health priorities and the options for treatment.  We develop a treatment plan for you.
  • We have a full natural medicine dispensary on site so can provide any herbal medicines or supplements you require.

Naturopathic Consultation Room



We offer different types of Initial Consultations to suit various needs & budgets.

Extended Initial Consultations 90min – all inclusions of our Standard Consultations with the added benefit of Live Blood Screening & Iridology review, with copies of your images to take home and a detailed treatment plan.  Recommended for long term, chronic or complex health conditions.

Standard Initial Consultation 60mins – naturopathic case taking, diagnostics (tongue, nail & face signs) & a custom treatment plan for your condition & health goals.  (Does not include live blood screening or iridology).

Kids Initial Consultation 45-60min – based on our Standard Initial Consultation, with a reduced time format to support our little patients to enjoy the experience. Should your child be amiciable to it, we can add Live Blood Screening (see additional pricing below).

T&Cs: Should your consultation run overtime,, we firstly ask you if you’d like to continue (should we have time to do so), and then additional time is charged in blocks of 15min/$35.  We required 24hrs notice of cancellation & charge a fee (50% of your consultation) if you do not arrive for your scheduled appointment.

Naturopathic Consultation prices are GST FREE. 
Did you know that Naturopathic Consultations are GST Free? Naturopathic practitioners in Australia are able to provide your health consultations free of GST!  A nice little bonus for taking care of yourself!