Caring & compassionate consultations with our experienced & highly regarded Naturopath, Cassandra Henry

Your Naturopathic Consultation

Due to COVID-19 the majority of consultations are currently performed online using our Telehealth video call platform. We can also perform phone consultations, should you prefer this. As an essential service in allied health, we are allowed to perform face-to-face consultations should you require them, but we will maintain strict hygiene protocols & in the first instance, offer you an online consultation option.

During your consultation we will discuss:

– Your primary health concerns & your health goals.  What conditions and symptoms are troubling you?  What sort of help or improvements are you looking for?

– We will discuss your health history in general, including your sleep patterns, digestive health, diet & lifestyle factors.  What we ask changes for each client, dependent upon their presenting condition.

– Naturopathic diagnostics are performed (which may include tongue, nail, face signs, BP,  glucose, zinc status).  Live blood analysis & iridology are also performed, if you have selected a consultation that includes these.  (We are unable to offer live blood analysis via online consultations, for obvious reasons. We can still perform iridology and naturopathic tongue/nail/face signs. You will receive a document prior to your appointment detailing how to provide these images).

– We discuss the findings throughout the appointment, aiming to explain conditions in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense – no medical jargon!

– The consultation closes with a recommended treatment protocol developed for you, to address your health condition.  We have a full natural medicine & herbal dispensary onsite, for you added convenience.

 This is your time, to discuss your health concerns, to be truly heard, and to get a plan of action to regain your well being.  Upon booking you receive a confirmation email with a link to our confidential Client Intake Form.  Please complete this form before your appointment and attach any relevant documents, such as blood test results.

Consultation Options

Currently, due to COVID-19 all consultations the majority of consultations are being held via our online Telehealth video call platform. We can also perform phone consultations, should you prefer this.   Health Haven is offering ACUTE CONSULTATIONS, NATUROPATHIC INITIALS, NATUROPATHIC FOLLOW UPS AND IMMUNE SUPPORT CONSULTATIONS.  We help both adults and children. 

Our Natural Health Dispensary IS OPEN and we are dispensing via post multiple times daily. We are also opening the dispensary Tuesdays & Thursday from 3pm to 5pm., offering product collection for existing clients, product purchase for the public and FREE walk-in acute consultations and immune support over-the-counter discussions.  Pop in and see us!


Acute Consultations

Acute Consultations are for short term illness & immune support chats. These are either FREE (during our set times) or only $45, duration 20min.  Book online or pop in during our FREE ACUTE CLINIC hours (see facebook for weekly days/times).  With a full dispensary on site, we can provide everything you need, on the spot!

Immune Support Consults

Particularly during the viral crisis of COVID-19, your immune system being in optimal health is imperative.  Let us support you & your family with a FREE Immune Support Consultation. With a full dispensary on site we can provide everything you need.  Pop in during our open hours for free chat.

Naturopathic Consults

We offer comprehensive naturopathic consultations including iridology, live blood analysis & naturopathic diagnostics.  Each consult ends with creation of a treatment plan specifically to address your health concerns.  Our extensive dispensary can provide everything you need, conveniently on site.  (during COVOD-19 face to face consults are available but limited to Tuesdays & Thursdays between 9am and 3pm).

Who Can We Help?

 Health Haven Naturopathic Clinic is the primary natural health clinic on the Gold Coast for those with chronic health conditions like EBV, Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Biotoxin Illness and Mould recovery.  We are also the go-to clinic on the Gold Coast for children’s health including immunity issues, viral concerns, spectrum & autism support.  Health Haven is also well known for digestive illness support and is recommended by many patients for support with IBS/IBD and parasite/bacterial digestive illness.  Read our Google & Facebook Reviews to see what our clients say.

Our Naturopath is experienced in a wide range of conditions and is particularly specialised in treating digestive conditions, chronic health issues like chronic fatigue & viral issues, and pediatric & children’s natural health.  She has completed additional training in these areas, including post-graduate training in the natural treatment of Autism & Spectrum Disorders, Metabolic Balance Certification and Digestive Illness.


Kids Health & Autism

Our clinic is known as the “go-to” for children’s natural health on the Gold Coast.  We work with immunity, auto-immune conditions, behaviour, gut, SPD (sensory processing disorder) & spectrum/autism.  Workshops on feeding, sensory issues and general kids health are available from time to time.  We use kids specific medicines for easy use & great compliance.  Our intolerance testing is non-invasive & suitable for all children, it is available to both clients & non-clients.

Digestive, Gut Health & IBS

We get excellent results with digestive conditions & IBS, our naturopath is well known for recovering from IBS herself – it’s why she became a naturopath!  Our treatment protocols are individually crafted ensuring they suit your health goals, symptoms & budget.  Using live blood analysis we see live on screen how your gut health has effected your cells on an internal level, allowing for a treatment protocol as unique as you are! 

Chronic Conditions

We know that finding a support for chronic conditions is hard! You’ve probably seen a number of practitioners, with little success.  You’ll find Health Haven different! Our individually developed treatment plans ensure we are assisting YOU with YOUR unique symptoms. Whether your issue is EBV, chronic fatigue, Lyme Disease, mould illness, pelvic mesh complications or biotoxins – we can help.

Our Wellness Philosophy

Our aim is to support you to achieve your health and well being goals.
Your health is our priority; our goal is your wellness.

At Health Haven we pride ourselves on offering you a compassionate, caring & supportive healing environment.  Relax, knowing your health is now in the hands of people who truly care.

We believe in taking the time to really listen to your health concerns and history.  Understanding your health journey allows us to develop an optimum treatment protocol for you.

Using on-site diagnostic equipment, like Live Blood Analysis and Iridology, allows us to thoroughly assess your health status and make appropriate treatment recommendations.

Effective and affordable use of functional testing and pathology, recommended only when truly necessary, to support your effective healing.  We will recommend only what you actually need.

We believe that your health is a team effort & we develop your treatment protocol with your input & approval, with consideration for your lifestyle, your needs, and your budget.

We want you to live your healthiest life and take great pride in helping you achieve it!