CIRS, Mould & Biotoxins

Chronic Inflammatory / Immune Response


CIRS can be caused by exposure to biotoxins, like mould. It causes a wide range of debilitating symptoms that make every day life very difficult. 

Recently CIRS has also be found to be caused by medical devices too, like polypropolene pelvic mesh and hernia mesh.  

CIRS causes a wide range of symptoms, that can often be misdiagnosed as a variety of illnesses, including allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lyme disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety and depression.  

CIRS, Biotoxins & Lyme Disease – Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections produce biotoxins that have an effect on the body as per mould exposure.  Naturopaths also believe that other viral loads, such as EBV (Glandular Fever) can contribute to CIRS.



CIRS symptoms are assessed in 13 clusters. Having symptoms in 8 clusters is a may indicate a positive CIRS diagnosis.  (See our health quiz to assess your symptoms).


Muscle Cramps     Sharp Pains     Fatigue     Weakness     Aches     Headaches

Migraine     Tearing     Visual disturbances     Blurry Vision     Red Eyes     

Photosensitivity / Light Sensitivity      Sinus Issues     Sinus Pain     Cough   

Shortness of Breath     Joint Pains     Sweats / Night Sweats

Vertigo     Dizziness     Numbness     Tingling     Static Shock     Facial Pains

Issues with Memory    Brain Fog     Concentration/Focus Issues   Word Recall Issues

Disorientation    De-personalisation     Confusion     Temperature Regulation Issues

Mood Swings      Skin Sensitivity / Rashes     Numbness / Tingling    Excess Thirst

Abdominal Pains     Metallic Taste     Diarrhoea    Muscle Tremours      Unusual Pains

Appetite Changes     Increased Urination     Increased Night Urination


Natural medicines & herbal medicine offers many options for treating CIRS.   There are also various pathology tests we use and rectifying strategies (like removing the mould from your home).  It is a multi-faceted approach, as we need to clean up your environment as well as fixing you!

As this is a very serious condition we follow a very strict and strategic plan to rectify it.  You will need to have pathology done so we can determine exactly what the issues are we have to address. 

Testing we use includes: ERMI, MARcoNS, genetic tests, VCS testing and more.  We can supply costs for these in your consultation, although many mould effected patients already have these results.

Many clients who think they have Lyme Disease, actually have CIRS and mould exposure!

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