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Naturopathic Consultations &  Packages

Expertly tailored natural health service for gut recovery & chronic health conditions Australia wide. Both Telehealth & In Person.


natural solutions For chronic health issues

Are you suffering from chronic illness like adrenal depletion, chronic fatigue or EBV?  Do you know the daily struggle of leaky gut, IBS, candida overgrowth or gut dysfunction? Chronic issues are my speciality, having recovered myself from these exact ailments.  Treatment for chronic illness take expertly crafted treatment protocols, ever changing as the body heals.   

In 2021, in the aftermath of the pandemic, I chose to close the Oxenford clinic.  Health Haven now offers a comprehensive online / telehealth service to clients Australia wide.

Naturopathic Consultations

Thanks for booking a consultation with Health Haven! Predominately we are an online service offering Telehealth Consultations.

Client Intake Form

Once you book an appointment you’ll receive an email confirmation. This email has a link to the CLIENT INTAKE FORM. This secure form links with the booking system and is where you can detail your health history & personal information needed for your appointment.

telehealth diagnostics

For clients having a distance / telehealth / online appointment, you will receive a PDF document showing you how to take and supply images of your iris, tongue, nails & face.  Please contact me if you need assistance.