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Food Intolerance & Food Sensitivity Testing

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Are you suffering with digestive issues, bloating, indigestion, IBS, irregular bowel motions? Skin conditions like eczema, rashes, psoriasis? Inflammatory conditions, arthritis, joint pain? Do you have fatigue or a general feeling of being unwell? How about your child, do they have digestive issues, behavioral issues, food aversion?

Health Haven uses a non-invasive, affordable and comprehensive form of testing called Bio-Compatibility Testing.  This testing is the result of over 30 years of research and development, and is currently used in more than 20 countries.  Please note this IS NOT allergy testing. Bio-Compatibility tests for foods & products that your body reacts too – commonly known as your food intolerances or food sensitivities.  Consuming foods or using products the body reacts to (inflammation) stops the body functioning at it’s optimum level, and can result in a broad range of uncomfortable symptoms.  The result is poor health, low immunity and a range of symptoms you have to live with daily.  It’s no way to live!

Bio-Compatibilty Testing is done from one small hair sample, so it’s easy to perform and totally non-invasive – perfect for kids!  Please note this test is VERY different for common hair mineral testing.  Bio-Compatibility Testing will assess 500 foods and products with your own biology,  we then remove incompatible items from your daily diet, which allows teh body to heal and function normally.  It’s like getting to the end of an elimination diet & knowing which foods you can’t eat – except we are skipping the months of trial, error and guessing. 

You wouldn’t put dirty, poor quality fuel in your car – why do it to your body?!

By feeding the body inline with your test results we are enhancing cellular function.  Correct cellular function leads to good organ function. Good organ function leads to good immunity and renewed healthNATURALLY.

Don’t suffer any longer! Discover your food intolerances & sensitivities with Bio-Compatibility Testing!

“The test results were of great value to me! I’ve overcome extreme digestive issues, insomnia, acne and poor general health since removing the “red” foods from my diet. I was so sick when I first saw Cass, but in the first week my symptoms reduced by 80%.  After the first month my IBS symptoms were completely settled.”

Heidi 48yrs

Client, Health Haven

BioCompatibility Food Items Test

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What Does the Test Cost?

Only $295
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Includes testing for 500 items PLUS a results review
Comprehensive and affordable, this test costs only $295 and tests 500 items, including foods & household products.   To get the best results, your testing kit includes a 15min consultation (phone/skype) to discuss your results, and how best to implement them.


“It’s been 4mths now since stopped eating foods I was intolerant too.  A lifetime of hayfever, sinus & allergies have disappeared. I really can’t believe it! Highly recommend this test.”

Tania, 32yrs

Client, Health Haven

“My son would never play outdoors, he’d always end up coughing and short of breath.  He always sounded like he had mucous. After 3mths removing the bad foods he’s a normal kid, happily running around again, without coughing.  He now loves being outside.”

Mum of 3yrs son

Client, Health Haven

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