Acute Consultations

Feeling sick? Pop in for a fast over-the-counter consultation.


Feeling sick? Sick kids? Got a cold or flu?  Our Acute Consultations are PERFECT for short term illnesses!

Natural medicine offers effective solutions for a wide range of short term illness. So pop on into our clinic & have a chat to our naturopath. We can dispense what you need on the spot – and have you headed home to bed! 

Conditions that suit an Acute Consultation include:

Colds & flu, coughs, check infections, tonsillitis, sinus issues, allergies & rhinitis

Sick kids with gastro, colds, coughs, flu, upper respiratory infections, tonsillitis and sore tummies

Headaches, migraine and short-term pain including menstraul pain

Insomnia and trouble sleeping

Short term digestive issues like a stomach virus, gastro or infection 

Acute Consultations free of charge over-the-counter or $35 for a 15min in room Acute Consultation.  Check our facebook page for our weekly FREE Acute Consult Days. Use our Online Booking Portal or call the clinic on 07 5665 7447 to book.


Acute Consultations are generally an “over the counter” type of consultation.  Should you need more privacy you can book a time using our online portal for a 15min in-room Acute Consultation.. 

Acute Consultations are available for both existing and new patients.  Just pop on in!  We will:

  • have you complete a small patient intake form
  • chat to you about your health problem
  • recommend natural medicines to help & dispense what you need
  • Send you back home to bed!