Meet Naturopath Cassandra Duffill

Hi, I’m Cass!

I’m the owner of Health Haven Naturopathy & I am a fully qualified practicing naturopath, medicinal herbalist & clinical nutritionist.  My passion for a naturopathic career was born from my own health struggles with gut issues, chronic fatigue & mould toxicity. 

Health Haven as a business came to fruition in 2014, as a way to help others suffering with the health conditions that I had already conquered.  I have completed additional post graduate study into gut health & digestive illness; autism treatment & recovery; and treatment of chronic illnesses.

In 2020, in response to the pandemic (& to ensure my business would still be viable after it) I moved Health Haven from my clinic in Oxenford, to my property in Tallai. In this location I offer both In-Person & Telehealth consultations & facilitate my workshops and group programs.  Post pandemic I look forward to taking Health Haven back to a commercial clinic setting again. 

Through recovery from my personal health struggles I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to be comprehensive, truly holistic and thorough in planning treatments for chronic diseases.  I believe in individual tailored treatments, that is why no two clients receive the same treatment plan – each person is different and requires a different path to healing.  There is no ‘magic pill’ when it comes to chronic health conditions, it takes time and effort to get well.   The good news is, I’ve done it before for countless others before you – I know how to get you there too.

Prior to being a naturopath I spent almost 15 years in corporate marketing and business management, working for some of the most dynamic companies in the country. I had the pleasure of managing the marketing for companies including McDonald’s, Melbourne Airport and Vodafone.  As much as I loved this career and the fast paced lifestyle it came with – it was during this time I got sick, really sick. 

Gut issues took hold, I couldn’t eat without feeling ill, experiencing excruciating cramps, nausea, hot sweats and a “quick exit” of what I had eaten (one way or the other).  I couldn’t leave the house without knowing where pubic toilets were, my weight dropped to 37kg and my social life disappeared.  All could eat at this point was pumpkin, and it had to be pureed.  I was so sick I’d fall asleep while digesting it.  My life was miserable.

I guess looking back, my poor health at this time wasn’t I total surprise.  I was the kid that was always sick and lived on antibiotics, having my tonsils out at age 6.  I always had hayfever, running eyes and sneezed my way through boxes of tissues weekly.  As a 13 year old I had to sleep in a bed that was literally wrapped in plastic, as the dust mites would have me waking up with blood noses (try sleeping on a pillow in a garbage bag in a Qld summer, it’s not fun..).  I remember the nights as a teenager being up sick with stomach cramps and diarrhoea, when the rest of my family was fine (spaghetti bolognaise never went down well).  I couldn’t go on the sports oval at school without my eyes swelling up from the grasses; I couldn’t participate in school swimming as the chlorine would set off an asthma attack.

At age 15 I was given a course of “allergy desensitising injections” in the hopes my allergies would improve. Unfortunately it just got worse and with my first injection I experienced my first anaphylaxis – absolutely terrifying! The year long course of these injections caused massive headaches and migraines, every single day.  I had multiple scans (drs thought I had a brain tumour), but when none were found, my parents were told I was a hypochondriac!   At 18 I caught EBV and spent a month off school sick, followed by chronic fatigue in my first years of uni.  At 22 I had a serious infection of pneumonia which triggered the migraines again.  Then at 23 the gut issues took hold; and I was exposed to mould, developing mould toxicity symptoms on top of my already long list of issues.  This is when I began seeking out alternative medicine & naturopathy.

It took about 4 years but I eventually found the combination of practitioners & treatments to get me on the path to wellness. I never managed to stay there long, but they were on the right track.  That is when I decided to study naturopathy for myself.

It was in my first year of study I made the (foolish) decision to have a pelvic mesh operation, and about 4 weeks after this op while still recovering, I contracted Ross River Fever.  So at the age of 35, with two kids under two, and one year into a naturopathy degree, I was battling my second round of severe poor health and chronic fatigue.  Today I proudly stand in support of my pelvic mesh sisters and do all I can to help them through the pain & trauma of their injury.

So when I say I have experienced poor health in my life, I really mean it!  The good news is though, I’ve been there and know what you’re going through. I also know how to help.  So welcome; I can’t wait to support you through healing!

I love to help clients with chronic and long term conditions, regain their wellbeing. Nothing makes me happier than to give you hope – and then healing! Getting back the vitality and health you thought you had lost.

Health Haven began in 2014 and has been helping clients to recover their health and well being ever since.  I offer a unique and individual service, crafting individual treatment protocols for every client – no standard treatment plans here!  I combine naturopathy, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition and lifestyle advice; with iridology, live blood screening, Optimal Wellbeing & Food  Intolerance Testing ~ to create the best healing outcomes for every client.

conditions of interest

Gut Health

Chronic Fatigue

EBV & Viral Syndromes

Kids Health & Autism

Leaky Gut Recovery

get to know me

I know it’s hard, you’ve probably tried other naturopaths and practitioner’s before, with  varied results. They all said they knew how to help – but didn’t. Yes, I experienced that too.  So I invite you to get to know me a little better – pop onto my socials, say “hi” and connect with me. I’m happy to chat with you!

Fun Facts About Cass

I don’t drink alcohol and haven’t since I was 19 (one bad night was all it took lol)

I have two teenage boys & a gorgeous (new) husband

My ragdoll is Merlin & we have a pet turtle Jeffrey. You’ll meet them when you come see me.

80’s music song lyrics are my super power – take me to music trivia any day!

Chocolate is my kryptonite and I still eat it occasionally even though I KNOW it gives me migraines

I’ve just picked up a paint brush & canvas for the first time in 15 years

I always wanted to write a book – this year I’m launching three!

My favourite place to travel is Japan 

We’ve just renovated our home & are about to start on the vegie patches!  

So now you know more about me, how can I help you?  Use the button below to book a FREE 10min phone chat with me, or to book a consultation.  I can’t wait to help you!

Qualifications & experience

I have been helping clients on the Gold Coast since 2014. 

I am a FULL PRACTICING QUALIFIED MEMBER of the COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE ASSOCIATION.  I am trained in naturopathy, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, iridology & live blood analysis.  

Qualifications I hold include Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Health Science (naturopathy, current), Bachelor of Business (marketing), TAE 40110 Training & Assessment.  I have completed additional training in chronic diseases, gut health & autism recovery.

Not only do I own my naturopathic practice & work within that as a naturopath, I train naturopathic students though their clinic hours &  mentor other natural health professionals in business planning & developing, marketing and product manufacture.

emotional & physical levels

Your health condition right now is more than just a physical situation. Yes, you have symptoms that are impacting your life, or you wouldn’t be reading my website!  However there is also an emotional or soulful side to healing, and I work with that also.  

Within my consultations I always try to offer lifestyle & wellness advice to help further support your healing.  This may be finding something to fill your own bucket, taking up a hobby long forgotten, going for a daily walk, listening to a meditation ~ all sorts of things that will benefit your body AND soul.

I want you to achieve healing that lasts & that comes from changing elements in your life that no longer serve you.

You’ll find me to be intuitive and mindful and very “in-tune” with your personal energy & situation.  I like to refer to that as “Intuitive Healing” and you’ll find I work that into my consultations, when appropriate.  I also run regular Women’s Life Reset Workshops, to help you to realign your life journey & well being.

Want to know more about how I can help you? Send me a message below…

Latest On Instagram

Even though I've been helping clients recover from gut issues for over 8 years now, I still get such happiness from their health improvements!
When a client can say "MY GUT IS THE BEST IT'S EVER BEEN", after how sick they were when you started working with them, you can't help but feel a gush of happiness!
This is why I do what I do... so I can help people like this 😍💕 So grateful I can share health and healing xx
Naturopath ~ Cass

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Immunity is on our minds this morning. Thanks to my clients who've called and emailed asking about how I can help you.

I've put together a little blog post of simple things you can do to support your immune system, including nutrients that are helpful, herbs that I use - and my Pantry Immune Tea (that's right, you'll have all you need right there at home in the pantry!).

Here's a few other ways I can help you right now:

🌻 I've reopened my Acute Immune Support Consultations - only $50 for a 20min phone consult & I can prescribe naturopathic practitioner only supps & herbal medicine (that I will courier to your home for free!).

🌻 Immune Support Packs - my immune support packs are back; they have a Custom Herbal Medicine 200ml or 500ml, Immune Support Supplement & medicinal herbal tea blend. I can also add other supplements as needed, like vitamin C, zinc or vit D.

🌻 Immune Herbs for Kids - I'm ready to go with a new batch of my kids immune herbs! Kids love my blend, it tastes great AND it works!

🌻 New Herbal Teas - I have my URTI Tea, Cold & Flu Tea & Fever Tea for Kids ready to go 🤩 Batched up freshly when ordered, delivered straight to your door.

Reach out should you need anything via a PM or email me at

Stay well my friends

Naturopath ~ Cass xo

** please note that herbs, supplements & prescription products are available only via consultation. My teas & tea packs are available to order with or without a consultation.

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Thank you to all my gorgeous clients, friends and family who wished us well for our wedding last week! It’s hard to believe after all the planning and waiting, it’s done and dusted, a week ago already!

I’m pleased to say we had a magic day with perfect weather, couldn’t have asked for more 💕

@paul_duffill and I are so grateful for your kindness and well wishes. Thanks to all the suppliers and venue for making our day magic 💫🥂

And I look forward to coming back to consults next week. I’m back to work from Tues 23rd March 😊🙏

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Spent yesterday doing the online modules, today I’m off to first aid training refresher. Just what you want to do the week you get married lol

Did you guys know naturopaths have to do this every year? I did have a client go into a diabetic hypo once during a consult, but apart from that, I’ve luckily never needed the training...

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Afternoon pick me up! Oat milk chai pudding. Healthy and sooo yummy! Great for breakfast, a batch lasts me 3 days, I just too with a different fruit to serve 🍉🍇🥝

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Happy International Women’s Day 💕🙏

Thank you to the strong, empowered women in my life. May we all continue to walk through this world letting our light shine 🌟

And on the days when we aren’t so strong, thank you for holding one another up. 🙏


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Reminder ~ Health Haven is closed from tomorrow for the next two weeks... because next Saturday I’ll be getting married 💕.

An amazing man I get to call my husband, and a gorgeous venue to host our wedding. We are so blessed 🙏

I’m back to consults March 22nd and won’t be contactable, as I’m taking a ‘real’ break.

Thank you all for you kind wishes, calls and thoughtful gifts and flowers this week. It means so much to us 🙏

See you in a couple of weeks x
Naturopath Cass 🌸

@paul_duffill @austinvilla_estate
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Two industry guns in one image!


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So lucky to have the amazing Claire sharing with us tonight, live from Melbourne.


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