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Meet Cassandra Duffill

Qualified Naturopath
Gut Health Expert
Chronic Health Recovery Specialist

“I Believe wellNess is poSSible afteR chroNic Health iSSues.  We all haVe a leVel of OptiMuM Health to be ReacHed, it is my Job to SuppoRt You to Get tHere” ~ Naturopath CaSSanDRa

I understand what it is like to be really unwell, I’ve been there myself.  no one knew what was wrong with me, or how to fix it

Chronic illness is often an illness on the inside, that others can’t see.  People around us can’t see it, our family doesn’t understand. We can feel so alone! I remember having scans, hoping they would find something – anything – that would explain what was wrong with me.

You see, for 10 years I suffered from severe & chronic IBS. During this time I developed chronic fatigue. Yep, I’ve been there!

but believe me – there is hope!  I found my health & wellness again, you can too.

Hey there, I’m


Who Am I?

I’m a Gut Health Expert and a former IBS Sufferer. For years I was very ill, my life was ruled by my gut & chronic fatigue.  I have my life back now – you can too.

Why I Can Help?

I empathise so strongly with what you’re going through! Seeking help and answers, but never finding any.  My hope is that I can offer you the help & support you so desperately need.

I am a Qualified Naturopath, a Clinical Nutritionist & a Health Coach. I’ve completed specialist training in chronic illness recovery & gut health.  I have been helping clients recover their health & wellness since 2014. 

My health issues started while working in a highly stressful marketing management position. A job I loved, but it didn’t love me…

Everyday was full of stabbing pain, discomfort, bloating, nausea, hot sweats & dashes to the bathroom.  I got a written warning from my employer as I was “spending too much time in the bathroom”! 

My weight dropped to 37kg but I got so badly bloated I looked pregnant. Everything I ate went straight through, accompanied with horrendous pain & nausea. Then another bought of EBV added chronic fatigue to my list.

I felt hopeless ~ no answers & even less support.  So I turned to natural medicine.  That was the lightbulb moment for me!

I know I’m not alone in this experience. MOst clients come to me as their last resort – they’ve been everywhere, tried everything.  Then they decide to give naturopathy a go …

Over time you lose trust in the medical system.  All the time you spend with doctors, specialists, scans and medications, to get no where.  That’s where I was at when I first saw a naturopath. She helped me get on the path to wellness & I realised there was hope! That’s when I decided to study naturopathy for myself, so I could get well and stay that way.


qualified naturopath

Naturopathic Science
Western Herbalism
Clinical Nutrition

post graduate training

Chronic Illness Recovery
Gut Health Conditions
Autism Spectrum

nutrition weight loss

Certified Metabolic Balance Practitioner

iridology & live blood

Integrated Iridology Certified & Live Blood Analysis

Holistic patient care

Multiple naturopathic modalities, diet & lifestyle coaching.

So, Tell Me … Is It TiMe?

When you recover your health ~ You get your life back!

My passion is helping people just like you, make their way back from chronic illness.

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