About Our Naturopath

Cassandra Henry, Qualified Naturopath & Metabolic Balance Practitioner

Hello! I’m Cassi

Qualified Naturopath & Metabolic Balance Practitioner

 A skilled & experienced Naturopath, Cassi was lead to natural health through her own health struggles.  With first hand experience of a number of health conditions, she can lead you through conditions like IBS, chronic fatigue & EBV.  As a strong advocate of natural health, particularly for children, she works extensively with kids health. Having recovered her two children from autism & spectrum concerns, she now leads other families through this healing journey too.

Cass is a registered and fully qualified naturopath, and a full practicing member of CMA (Complementary Medicine Association). A certified Metabolic Balance practitioner, she can support you through nutrition-based weight loss. She has also completed post-graduate studies in natural treatment for autism.

My Approach & Values

I believe in helping each client achieve their optimum wellness.  Optimum wellness is different for every person, as we all have different needs, different goals & different health priorities.  Working with you we determine what your level of optimum health is, and make a plan to achieve it.

My focus is crafting a treatment protocol that offers you symptomatic relief whilst we work on addressing the underlying cause of your health issues.  Working on the primary issues first, we work through resolving your health problems in a time efficient, affordable and proactive way.

You’ve likely been through a lot, trying to get help and answers regarding your health.  I know how hard that journey can be! But it’s ok, you’ve found me now, and  I can help you.

My Experience

  • Chronic health issues & health recovery, including chronic fatigue, EBV, lyme-like illness, pelvic mesh rejection, migraine/headaches, vestibular/equilibrium issues
  • Experienced & well regarded pediatric naturopath, specializing in kids immunity, gut health, autism & spectrum conditions
  • Extensive experience in digestive health, IBS & food intolerances. Recovery from IBS is possible!

My Education

  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy (current)
  • First Aid Certification
  • Certified Metabolic Balance Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Business, Marketing
  • TAE 40110 Training & Assessment

I Work With Women, Children and Families

Womens' Health

Hormones, menopause, fatigue, anxiety, stress, adrenal depletion, sleep issues, headaches/migraine, and more.

Family Health

All aspects of family health care, from general medical & acute illness care, to genetic conditions, immunity & digestive.

Kids Health

Immunity, gut health, intolerances, fussy feeding, spectrum issues, autism, acute illnesses.