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Achieving your optimum level of health is my goal
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Cassandra Henry
Naturopath ~

Cassandra is a fully qualified naturopath, western herbalist and nutritionist.  She is also certified in celloid mineral therapy, iridology and flower essence therapy.  As well as working as a naturopath in her own clinic, she owns Health Blends Naturopathic Remedies; works as a business mentor; and teaches naturopathy & business subjects. Cass is registered with every major private insurance company.

B.HSc (Nat) (current), B.Bus (Marketing)  Adv.Dip.Nat.WHM.NutriM,
CertIV TAE 40110, First Aid Cert.

Cass's Specialisations

Given my first hand experience in these areas I specialise in digestive issues, adrenal fatigue & thyroid, chronic viral illness, immune dysfunction, autism & spectrum disorders, allergies and pyrroles. I do practice general naturopathy also and recently have worked extensively with areas including PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, hormonal dysfunction, detox, skin concerns and some cancers.

Health Haven Naturopathy ~ Gold Coast

I’ve been there…I’ve been you…

Many health professionals say they understand your health issues. But I’ve actually lived it. Let me tell you about me…

As most natural health practitioners do, I have a back-story of health
issues that lead me to natural health
.  You see, these days
I’m a happy single mum to two boys but my working
life before naturopathy was hectic, in the corporate marketing world,
working for some of the “big guys” like McDonald’s head office.

During this phase of my life I got
sick, really sick
.  For about 6 years no medical person could work out
why, but I couldn’t eat without severe digestive symptoms and extreme fatigue.  All I could eat in the end was pureed pumpkin – and I couldn’t stay
awake to digest it, I’d fall asleep every time I ate! I experienced extreme abdominal pain,  nausea, irregular bowel function, fainting spells and dizziness. My life was spent in the bathroom; I couldn’t leave home without planning where the closest bathroom would be.

told me this was my life now and I had to deal with it – the best
“diagnosis” they could offer was IBS. My immunity also seemed quite poor – across the
course of  a few years I developed multiple allergies and had pneumonia, glandular fever (twice),
influenza A and ross river fever. But I didn’t believe it had to be like that – I had been normal once, I’d been well…so why had that changed?

I went from specialist to doctor; then from natural health
person to spritual healer; looking for answers.  It was only when I
found a naturopath in Melbourne who really listened to my health issues and assessed all my symptoms,
did I get any relief.  Within 3 months I was able to go out and live a
relatively normal life. Within 6 months I WAS back to normal! 

Natural health became a foundation of my life at this
point, but it was only a few years later when I became a mum that I saw
the need to become a natural healer myself. 

Let me explain…

2009 was the birth of my first son! Amazing,
wonderful..and so damn hard…oh gosh, so hard!  More that just getting
used to a new baby, my son exhibited health issues from birth – he’d
sleep in 20min increments around the clock (ER staff were amazed to
watch him stay awake for 18hrs at only 3 weeks old!); he’d scream no determined reason; he had a severe tongue tie; he needed suppositories to pass bowel motions until he was 4mths old; and had ezcema from 5mths old.  He had a vaccine reaction at 8weeks old that put him in a reduced state of consciousness for three days and left him with benign epileptic fits for the next
18mths.  He was diagnosed with overactive hypnogogic
reflex and silent reflux, and at 10mths we
added a raft of severe allergies to that diagnosis.  We failed THREE sleep schools before he was 18mths old.  He was assessed for autism.

Fast forward three years and I think to myself “it can’t be that bad a second time”….and decide to have another baby…

2009 my second son is born, and again from birth, somethings just
not right.  He can’t feed and looses weight dramatically; he screams in
the bath; he too doesn’t sleep.
  Determined to get “this baby right” I
persist with all the right things (breast-feeding, nap schedules, low stimulation) but my little boy at only 7wks ends up
in hospital on a ventilator and nearly dies from a respiratory virus.
We start the dance that becomes our life for the next year, where he’s severely
ill with respiratory issues every three weeks. He is hospitalised 3 more
times his first year with numerous other trips to
the ER.  Development, speech and learning delays follow suit with severe
eating and sensory issues
.  At 2 he’s diagnosed with an immune
(his immune system doesn’t develop aquired immunity – the “immune memory” we all have), hence he repeatedly contracts the same infections.  He doesn’t ever really
crawl; doesn’t walk til 17mths and doesn’t talk til nearly 3yrs
.  You can only
imagine the massive amount of doctors, specialists and intervention
we’ve been through!

He’s 7 now and through the work done he’s not on the autism spectrum, he attends a local state school and is doing quite well.  His current diagnosis is Sensory
Processing Disorder, Pyrroles Disease, severe allergies & asthma and immune deficiency
. He’s come such a long way, it’s a miracle really!

So that is the cascade of medical issues that lead to me become a naturopath. 
I’m pleased to say both my boys are doing fantastic and you’d never
know either had any of their health issues or diagnoses.  We continue to
work on their health related issues and one day I look forward to those
issues being a very distant memory!