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I work with IBS & digestive illness recovery; female health & fatigue; natural weight loss & chronic illness. 

I’ve been there, I’m better now, and I can help you too…

Naturopathic Consultations

Consultations offered in person and via telehealth / phone.  Comprehensive consultations, Individual treatment plans and support.  Tailored to your health goals, your needs & your budget.  

gut recovery Personlised Online program

Heal your IBS naturally & turn gut greif into a great gut! I reversed my IBS ~ let me help you too. Chose a DIY online program or a Personalised Online with consultations.


12 Week nutrition based weight loss program with personal support. Blood tests start the plan & develop your food program, with 12 weeks of consultations & support.


You’re here because you’re unwell. I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts of things, seen many different practitioners, but yet… you’re still not well.  I understand completely – and you’re in the right place – you see…

I’m Cassandra Henry, Naturopath and Owner of Health Haven Naturopathy. I’m a qualified naturopath & I’ve been treating patients since 2013.   I joke with clients that I’ll be the sickest naturopath you’ll ever meet ~ and it’s frankly the truth.

In my 20’s IBS & EBV took over my life.  My weight dropped to 37kg, I had to google toilet locations before leaving home, everything I ate ended in excruciating pain, nausea, sickness and a “quick exit”. I couldn’t stay awake. Doctors’ told me this was my “new normal” – but I believed differently! If my leg was broken, it would heal, right? Why should my gut, the rest of my body, be any different?

Fast forward to now, I’m 44;  IBS & chronic fatigue are no longer a part of my life! I run Health Haven to help people like you recover from digestive issues & chronic illness too.  

So if you’re looking for a naturopath who relates to your health conditions – you’ve found her!  I’ve been there…. I’ve been you….


Looking for individual help and support? Book a Naturopathic Consultation with me.  During a consultation we’ll discuss your health history in detail, perform live blood analysis*, iridology, naturopathic diagnostics & really DEEP DIVE into your health concerns.  At the end of your consult I craft an individual treatment plan for you – TARGETED at your health issues & AIMED at recovering your wellbeing.

Sound good?  Great! Find an available consultation, IN PERSON OR TELEHEALTH. 

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Motivation is a myth

Motivation is a myth

Welcome to 2021! And my friend, it's time to get real about something.... Motivation.  You see, it's just a myth. Yeah, I know, right now everyone is full of resolutions & goals, planning to make great changes for the New Year and feeling so "motivated" to do so....

My IBS Journey – and boy, it was crappy!

My IBS Journey – and boy, it was crappy!

For the past 7 years I've been helping clients recovery their gut health and supported them through the journey from IBS. Why? Because I've been there, I've been you. In my 20's IBS entered my life and I wondered if I would every be 'normal' again. Everything I ate...



Did you know that 1 in 5 Aussies have gut issues? And that it's actually twice as common in women too?! Clients tell me all the time how debilitating their gut issues are - it stops them living life to the fullest. Many also tell me how alone they feel, as their...

When I found Cassandra I had suffered from gut problems for over 20 years.  I was at my wits end and Cass was my last hope.  I didn’t know what to expect, but when only 6 weeks into treatment my symptoms had disappeared I was absolutely thrilled!  Cass has worked with me through my ups and downs, as my healing continued.  I truly appreciate her ongoing support and guidance.  She’s had IBS so she really understands what I’m going through.

Christine B

Happy Client

Cassandra was my coach for Metabolic Balance.  I am thrilled with the weight loss I achieved – 20.5kg in only 12 weeks! I think it’s about finding the right coach to support you through the program & I’m so glad I chose to do MB with Cass.  She’s done Metabolic Balance herself, so understands the program completely. She was always available when I needed help & she really cares about her clients.  Thanks so much Cass, I am so deeply grateful xx Mila.

Mila P

Metabolic Balance Client

Cass has been a huge support to our family.  When I found Health Haven I needed help for my son with autism, she then helped my daughter with her digestive illness & anxiety, and my father with his reflux and vertigo. Working with Cass my son developed such mental clarity and his behaviour settled so well.  He races cars now for a hobby, he couldn’t have done that without Cass & the treatment she provides  We are truly blessed to have found her!

Kylie M

Happy Client

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“If nothing changes… nothing changes”
Cassandra ~ Naturopath

It doesn’t matter what your concern is – reversing IBS, losing weight, regaining your well being – if NOTHING CHANGES literally NOTHING WILL CHANGE!  So take the next step, book your consultation now.