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There is a way back to health from chronic illness and we will show you how!  Our naturopath Cass, recovered herself from severe chronic fatigue & IBS. She now supports clients Australia wide to do the same.  Our super power is helping chronic conditions like IBS, chronic & adrenal fatigue, immune syndromes & kids health.  We’ve been helping people just like you since 2013.  When the doctor says you’re “fine” but you know you’re not… we can help

Need results for gut dysfunction, IBS, chronic illness or fatigue?

health packages for those ready to take their life back!


Fatigue Recovery

When exhausted is your normal, fatigue recovery package can return your vitality & energy!


Health Wisdom

a tailored package for chronic conditions, to show you the path to return your health  & wellbeing.


Gut Restore

If your life is ruled by gut dysfunction or ibs, this package can restore your health.


Bring ME Back! 

When it’s time to bring you back to the health you used to enjoy, this package is the support you need.

online consultations & 1:1 support

individual support for your health & wellness


New Clients

an initial consultation offers a deep-dive into your health & creation of a treatment protocol to meet your goals.


Existing Clients

Follow up consultations every 2 to 6 weeks to monitor your progress, make amendments & support your recovery.


Immune Support

In current times we all need some immune support & direction to recover from viruses.  


Immune for Family

As per the immune support consult, but one price for the entire family (up to 4 people).


I’m Cass and I help people like you with chronic health issues, get their lives back

You see, I was once chronically unwell too.  Gut dysfunction, IBS & chronic fatigue ruled my lfe.  I restored my health and regained my wellness. I now help others to do the same.

Time to be in the know with all things healthy

i know you want to be healthy & vibrant again

I also know you’ve tried other things & nothing has worked…yet

If you’re like me, you aren’t sitting idle, just hoping to get better. You’ve seen practitioners & specialists, tried supplements & green juices, bought heaps of online courses & books – yet you’re still not well.  Let me tell you why

01We are all uniquely individual & that is why healing takes a tailored, individual approach.

02Most practitioners use standard treatment protocols, not targeted to YOU or your healhth goals.  My approach is completely tailored to YOU!

03Buying random supplements & hoping they “fix” you is like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it sticks!

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HElped heal many issues

Amanda O’Dempsey

Cass helped me Improve my health and severe gut issues when I thought no one could, after 2 years of GP visits and other appointments had gotten me no where. I wish I came to Cass first.

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It’s taken you time to find your way here and I’m so glad you did! Here you’ll find a selection of free goodies to help you on your health journey!

01 Secret Insider Tips To Heal Your Gut

Grab my free ebook and learn a naturopath (and ex-IBS sufferers) top tips to heal your gut naturally.

02 Top 10 Supps for Spectrum Kids

My boys started life on the spectum. Learn my hints & tips to support your kiddos to live their best healthy life.

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Before we work together, let’s chat 1:1 about your health challenges & goals, and see how I can best help you.

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