natural solutions for chronic HEalth Issues

Support for people struggling with chronic health issues, gut dysfunction, lack of energy, auto-immune conditions & chronic fatigue syndromes.  Telehealth, Phone or In Person Consults available.

For People Struggling With Chronic health issues ~ who Want Their Life Back…

I support people with chronic health issues like IBS & gut dysfunction, chronic fatigue, adrenal depletion, auto-immune conditions, glandular fever & people who are feeling depleted and fatigued. Using natural healing solutions I help you regain your health, vitality and energy, to get your life back!

Meet Cassandra

Hi, I’m Cass! I’m the owner & naturopath at Health Haven. I’m a qualified naturopath & I specialise in recovery from chronic illness. My aim is to get you back to health & wellness!

I’m a qualified naturopath with a passion for complex health conditions.  You see, I was once sick too, really sick.  Chronic fatigue & IBS had taken away my energy, my vitality & my zest for life.

I became a naturopath to heal myself – now I use my natural healing skills to support others to recover from chronic health conditions too. So tell me, is it time to get your life back too?

Want to feel better? You are in the right place!

Health Haven, based on the Gold Coast,  offers naturopathic health care Australia wide.  Chose from face-to-face, Telehealth or Phone consultations. Naturopath Cassandra’s unique form of treatment combines naturopathy, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, diet & lifestyle coaching, to create a holistic treatment plan, expertly crafted to target your unique health goals.  Heath Haven offers 1:1 Naturopathic Consultations in person or via telehealth/phone, Gut Recovery online program (with or without consultations), Metabolic Balance natural weight loss & food intolerance testing.

How can I help you today?

Gut health

As a recovered IBS sufferer, I know what it takes to get well.  Do you have IBS, gut dysfunction, SIBO, food intolerances or other gut health issues? I’ve helped so many already, let me help you too!

chronic fatigue

Do you struggle with fatigue, lack of energy and generally just don’t feel well? Chronic and adrenal fatigue are special interests of mine & I can help you recover your lost vitality!

immune issues

Are you plagued by colds & flu, struggle to get better after you’ve been sick or have a history of EBV / glandular fever? Let’s improve your immune system & get you well!

weight loss

Metabolic Balance is the amazing nutrition based weight loss program from Europe. 12 week program with weekly support, nutrition plan & all the guidance you need.

naturopathic consultations

Naturopathic consultations offer 1:1 completely customised treatment for your condition.  After thorough consultation we create a treatment plan for you, to get you on the path to wellness. 

Naturopathic treatment is completely tailored to your condition & health goals, in a 1:1 appointment style that works through your healing journey with me.

time to fix your gut?

Gut Recovery is the gut healing program created by Naturopath Cass, walking you through the exact steps used in clinic, to heal clients from gut health issues.

Two options – Gut Recovery 1:1 with the benefit of consultations & a tailored treatment plan. Or Gut Recovery DIY, to walk through the protocol on your own, self paced, without consults.

MetABolic BAlance

Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition based weight loss program.  Based on blood tests the foods that suit your body are determined, and created into an easy to follow meal plan.  In a 12 week journey you are supported with 1:1 coaching appointments, group online sessions, recipes, meal ideas, online learning modules and more!  Reset your metabolism, lose the excess weight & feel great again!

current specials

MetABolic BAlance Weight Loss program

Look at these results! Amazing transformations, so easily achieved following your personal Metabolic Balance plant with 1:1 Weekly Coaching. My current round of Metabolic Balance starts May 31 2021.  It’s not too late to join!  Join before June 4 and enjoy a HUGE $200 discount! 


Personalised Nutrition plan

Based on comprehensive blood tests (included) PLUS your plan in digital AND hard copy folders.


12 Weeks of support

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls, Weekly online learning units, 24/7 email & phone support


welcome pack

A special gift box to get you set up for success

$200 Discount Expires








My personal results on metabolic Balance

I’ve done the program with great success, as you can see from these images. So I’m not just telling you HOW do to the program, I’ve DONE it. I know the struggles, the cravings and the emotional challenges you’ll face when trying to lose weight. And I’ll be there to help you – every step of the way!

My before image is the day I certified as a Metabolic Balance Practitioner & Coach.  My after image shows the results I achieved in my 12 week journey. It really wasn’t that hard, the weight just started to fall away as my metabolism reset. I can’t wait to see your results too! 

free resource

In this guide you’ll find my personal  naturopathic tips on foods, herbal medicines, supplements and more, all used by myself and my clients in Gut Recovery.  It’s a great place to start on your gut healing journey to turn a grumpy gut into a great gut!

turn gut grief into a great gut!


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