Naturopathic Support for Digestive Illness & IBS, Chronic Conditions & EBV Recovery, Fatigue & Kids Health

Individual health solutions specialising in digestive health, IBS, fatigue, EBV, chronic issues & kids health.

Health Haven Is Moving

 In an effort to survive the trying times through the COVID pandemic, Health Haven is moving from the Oxenford clinic and returning to it’s roots as a home-based business, from September 8th 2020.  The last day in our current location is Thursday 27th August.   Rest assured, nothing will change in terms of the consultations & treatment protocols offered – the same great health care, just a different location!  For more information about the move please CLICK HERE.

Hello! I’m Cassandra

Qualified Naturopath, Western Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Balance Practitioner, Iridologist & Live Blood Analyst. 

You’re here because you don’t feel well. I bet you’ve been to all sorts of doctors, specialists and health practitioners – all say you’re fine, but you don’t feel fine! I know this, because I’ve been there, I’ve been where you are now…

I came to naturopathy as a very sick person – chronic IBS had taken over my life.  I couldn’t eat without extreme digestive symptoms & my weight dropped to 38kg! Yet every health practitioner I saw said I was fine. Trust me, I was far from fine!

As the owner of Health Haven, my aim is to help you regain your health! How long have you felt unwell? How much does it affect your life? You were well once, my aim is to get you back there again.

In my practice I work extensively with digestive illness & IBS recovery, as well as chronic illness, post-viral syndromes, adrenal fatigue and long-term illness. I recovered myself from chronic health issues …. I can help you too!

Naturopathic Consultations

In Clinic or TeleHealth

Professional & experienced, our naturopath supports a range of conditions, specialising in IBS & digestive health & chronic illness and fatigue.  With live blood screening, iridology & Optimal Wellbeing testing available on site, our consultations are very comprehensive.  We have a full dispensary on site, for your convenience.  Choose a TELEHEALTH or FACE TO FACE consultation via our booking portal.

Bio Compatibility Testing

Discover Your Food Triggers $315

This test is a GAME CHANGER in clinic! Almost 600 foods and products are included, making this test the most comprehensive one available.  The test determines the items that don’t suit your body on a cellular level, allowing us to develop an elimination diet that allows your body to truly heal.  Non invasive hair test, it’s suitable for children too. Available in clinic or via mail order.

Optimal Wellbeing Testing

Comprehensive Health Report $349

Health Haven owns & utilises modern testing to run this report on-site. This comprehensive report covers 12 key health areas, including vitamins, minerals, toxic exposures, food additive reactions, environmental indicators and more!   The results are used in clinic & built into your treatment protocol. We also sell the test direct to the public without a consultation.

Welcome to Health Haven

Finally, the individual health solution you’ve been looking for!  I craft individual treatment plans for every client, ensuring that I address your health concerns in an effective and economical way. Comprehensive consultations mean I have live blood screening, iridology, Optimal Wellbeing testing & a full herbal medicine dispensary onsite. For the past 7 years we’ve been helping Gold Coasters regain their health – let me help you too!

Important Update: Health Haven is moving to 36 Uplands Court, Tallai Gold Coast.  Consultations from 8th September onwards will be held at the Tallai location.

The Health Haven Difference


I will take the time to truly listen to your health history & concerns, offering explanations you will understand.


I will consider all areas of your health so I can recommend treatment that is optimally effective.



I don’t use standard protocols. Custom  treatment plans area crafted for every client, as unique as you are!


I work WITH you to develop a treatment plan that suits your unique health concerns, requirements & budget.

Gold Coast Naturopathy & Natural Health Solutions

Next Steps

So you’ve decided it’s time to get feel well again? That’s fantastic! I look forward to helping you achieve your very best health!

Simply book an appointment using the online booking function, or call to chat and book over the phone.  I offer appointments Tuesday to Friday, with Telehealth available everyday, including evenings until 8pm.  Naturopathic services at Health Haven are crafted to be effective and affordable.  

You deserve the very best health – don’t put it off any longer, the time is now!

So, can you help me?

I’ve been through poor health in my life – severe IBS, mould exposure, EBV, Ross River Fever, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, pelvic mesh reaction, vertigo, influenza, swine flu…the list is long!  As a mum I’ve support my children through vaccine reactions, allergies, autism, sensory processing disorder, genetic immune deficiency, influenza…again, a long list! 
What this means is you get the benefit of not only my qualifications & skills, but my experience! My client-centred approach will support you every step of your healing journey.  I recovered both my children & myself – let me now help you now…

What Client’s Say

"I honestly did not expect such a swift turnaround. My IBS had been so bad, for so long. I really wish I'd seen you sooner"

Anna R – aged 34yrs

"Thank you for helping our family! It's been such a blessing to have your guidance and help. Aiden has improved dramatically since working with you"

Mum of ADHD client aged 11yrs

"My first consult I literally crawled in, I was too ill to stand. I wasn't sure you could help. After only a few months I feel like myself again, I'm back at work, driving again and even booked a trip overseas!"

Jeanine B – 54yrs

"She was catching virus after virus, always sick & missing kindy. Cass worked on her immunity & gut health. We can't believe it's been 5 months since she was sick!"

Mum of Savannah – 3yrs

"EBV flares were making me constantly sick, tired and rundown. In the first few weeks I noticed a reduction in my pain and fatigue, and much more stamina. I can't wait to see how much better I get! "

Chenyl J 42yrs, current client

"Hi Cassandra, just to let you know I appreciate everything you do for me, you are a very special lady x"

Christine, 60+yrs, current client

Contact Health Haven

07 5665 7447

Shop 2, 14 Studio Drive Oxenford QLD 4210

From Sept 8th 2020 find at us 36 Uplands Court, Tallai.